The West Indies Rum Distillery

Brighton, Black Rock
St. Michael
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West Indies Rum Distillery was established in 1893 by George Stade and his brother on the pristine Brighton Beach of Barbados with the dream to make the world’s best rum. The quality of their rum was recognized right away locally and internationally and Stades rum became synonymous with premium Barbados rum. Since 2017, West Indies Rum Distillery and a long-time customer Alexandre Gabriel from Maison Ferrand, Owner and Master Blender of Plantation Rum have combined their mutual passion for Barbados rum into a single vision with the purchase of the distillery by Maison Ferrand.

The distillery stands as the backbone of Barbados rum heritage with a treasure trove of archives located in a safe room named “the Distiller’s Vault” and venerable stills. West Indies Rum Distillery uses several methods of distillation ranging from its 19th century pot still (Gregg’s Farm) to a four-column continuous still (John Dore 79) or even the Vulcan Triple Chamber Still, the only one of its kind remaining in the world.

A passionate Barbadian team is preserving this precious heritage with a high level of technical distilling proficiency while playing an active role in the research and experimentation of Barbadian rum-making. The distillery is committed to contribute positively to the island’s community and economy with a sustainable business model that respects and highlights Barbados richness and history.

A visitor center will soon open at the distillery with the aim of providing tours and educational sessions to the general public focused on the rich history of rum-making in Barbados. More information will be available at the end of 2020.