WestWater Adventure

Folkstone Marine Park, Folkstone, St. James
St. James
Distance From Airport:
20.3 Km (12.61 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
10 Km (6.21 Miles)

Enjoy a relaxing boat cruise on board the "Shamon Too" along the West Coast while viewing many colourful species of coral fish, plants and coral formations through the glass bottom of our boat. We visit the shipwreck and sea turtle area, our experienced guides will instruct you in snorkelling and diving in the warm, turquoise waters of Barbados, where you can interact with exotic fish and feed our friendly Hawksbill sea turtles that swim around you. The boat is anchored south of Folkestone Park, St James and each morning the boat goes to Folkestone Beach where the daily trips begin.

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