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Live a little - take a bus!

Public Transportation

Want to enjoy Barbados in a totally different way? Travel from site to site on one of our buses!

Here's a sure thing: by the time you reach your hotel you're guaranteed to come across a bus - Barbados' least expensive way to travel anywhere on the island.

The large buses which are owned by the Government of Barbados are hard to miss - painted blue with striped yellow sides, they are seen along every major route in rural and urban Barbados.

Privately-owned mini-buses (yellow-painted with blue stripes) and ZR vans (white with maroon stripes) are readily availabe and ply almost every route possible.

Bus driving on any island is an experience to remember, and here is no exception. Another sure thing? It'll certainly give 'adventurous vacationing' new meaning! Seriously, you haven't lived until you've caught one of our buses! Have your BDS$3.50 fare at hand.



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