Attractions Natural Beauty

In Barbados, nature abounds. And the opportunities to appreciate such treasures are just as plentiful. Our country’s mild, subtropical weather has nourished a fascinating array of flora and fauna, and nurtured lush gardens that are the most varied in the world. And to enjoy it all, one can simply take a hike along an inland trail or down a coastal pathway, laugh at the antics of a mischievous green monkey in a gully or the wildlife reserve, or just unwind in one of the numerous parks created to help sustain the island’s incredible natural beauty.

life lessons: baobab trees


While the Baobab Tree or "Monkey Bread Tree" is native to Madagascar, two magnificent examples can be found in Barbados. First brought over from Guinea in Africa in 1738, the larger of the two trees is found in Queen's Park in Bridgetown and measures 55 feet in circumference; while the smaller, though equally impressive second tree is found on Warren's Road in St. Michael.


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