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No advance notice is required when getting married in our beautiful tropical paradise. So you can say “I do” on the day of your arrival if you’d like, with the law allowing an official marriage ceremony to take place as soon as a license is obtained. No hassles. No delays. And no waiting for the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

barbados wedding requirements


Usually when getting married in an exotic locale, the paperwork required by the destination seems overwhelming. But not so in Barbados. Here we’ve made it easy for you to get married as soon as arrangements are made with a Marriage Officer (a Magistrate or authorized Minister of Religion) and a license is obtained.


obtaining a wedding license


The Bajan marriage license issued today is the same that was originally crafted in the 1800s, retaining the quaint charm of its English origins while making your Marriage Certificate an important historical document.


Application for a marriage license must be made by both parties in person at the office of the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bridgetown, with only the following documents required by applicants: 
• Valid Passports or the original certified copies of the applicants’ birth certificates; 
• If either party was married previously and widowed, a certified copy of the marriage and death certificates in respect of the deceased spouse; 
• If either party was divorced, an original decree absolute or a certified copy of divorce certificate. A Decree Nisi is not accepted; 
N.B. All documents not in English must be accompanied by a certified translation. 


wedding arrangements


All wedding arrangements must be made with a Marriage Officer (a Magistrate or a Minister of Religion authorized to be a Marriage Officer) prior to the completion of an application form for the license. With a letter from the Marriage Officer who has consented to perform the ceremony presented at the time of filing the wedding application.


marriage fees


The cost associated to obtain a marriage license in Barbados is BDS$100.00 plus a $13.00 stamp.   Separate fees are payable to the Court and to the Magistrate in respect of civil marriage ceremonies: An Alternative Venue – BDS$350.00; At the Court – BDS$125.00. All fees must be paid in cash. Any other costs associated with your ceremony including accommodations, facilities, catering, music etc. are in addition to the license fees and are paid directly to the service providers.


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