A Bounty Of Beach Activities

A Bounty Of Beach Activities

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When you think of fantastic beaches, you should think of beaches in Barbados. After all, the island’s 166 square miles are surrounded by the most pristine white sand beaches in the Caribbean. This means that wherever you stay in Barbados, you will always be close to a beach - and that’s a guarantee. Barbados is a haven for almost any type of island water sport you can imagine. So while you can lay on the shore, on your best beach vacation, soaking up our year-round summer sun, there are many water sports activities waiting for you. 

Jet Skis are a staple on many of Barbados’ beaches, as well as the ever-popular, banana boat. Or, if you prefer a water excursion activity, there are all-inclusive catamaran cruises. These half-day cruises are renowned for the rum-punch infused party atmosphere as you take a trip around the island’s coasts. There is also the opportunity to take a swim with the sea turtles when the catamaran anchors in areas such as the idyllic Paynes Bay.

Can’t do a catamaran cruise? Then Glass-bottomed boats are a must on your next trip to Barbados. As the name implies, these vessels have transparent flooring which will allow you to see the colourful variety of sea-creatures who find themselves at home in our waters. The knowledgeable crew members are quite familiar with the best spots for you to get a glimpse of coral, stingrays and a few hungry fish who show up alongside the boat just in time for lunch. Of course, the crew members are expert swimmers and divers, so your safety is always ensured. Also, these boats are all equipped with life-jackets and floatation devices for your safety. 

So, we know that you will find some of the best beaches in Barbados, but how do you decide which is best for you and your family? Well, it depends on the type of activity you want to do, or even just your mood on that day. 

  • For a day of romance, almost any of the beaches in Barbados will do, most are perfect for long romantic walks, and the South and West coasts also have extended boardwalks to enjoy the beach without the sand. 
  • Are you feeling energetic? Then a trip to one of the best surf spots in the world may be the place for you. Bathsheba, located in St. Joseph, is one of the most breathtaking bodies of water on the island. Expert surfers love this location due to its large, foamy waves which roll tall and powerfully off of the Atlantic Ocean. This area, which has been dubbed the ‘Soup Bowl’, has hosted several competitions and has been praised highly by world-class surfers such as Kelly Slater. It’s no wonder that surfing in Barbados at Bathsheba has even been featured in the New York Times and other international publications. 

  • Now, if you’re not quite an expert, but you still love the waves, Pebbles on the outskirts of Bridgetown and Long Beach in Christ Church are known for slightly gentler waves that are beginner-friendly. They also allow for body-boarding, which is a hit with the younger ones.

  • Our beaches are also great for swimming, snorkelling, or just splashing around.  Here, beaches like Brown’s beach, Adventure beach, Accra, Miami beach, Brandon’s & Folkestone Marine Park are popular spots for locals and visitors alike. These long expansive, white sandy beaches have lifeguards, changing facilities, food nearby and other beach amenities, making them all top picks to spend a day at play.

While most of Barbados’ beaches are great for recreational activities, you can enjoy the luxury of the beaches from right onshore as you enjoy a casual picnic, set against the turquoise backdrop of the ocean. And, don’t worry about preparing the meals; leave that to us! Coastal cuisine on the island is exceptional. Martins Bay, a quaint fishing village in St. John, is one such seaside picnic spot. It provides the beauty of the sea (though not good for swimming), the warmth of the sun and some of the best in local dishes.

When they say ‘fresh fish’, they mean it. The talented caterers who operate close to this beach use the fish supplied by our local fishermen, straight from our waters. Of course, we want you to experience the best of the island, so your meal is completed with other local favourites and accompanied by a local drink. Picnickers to this part of the island are often amazed by the large rocks which are precariously, but naturally,  positioned in the water. While Martins Bay is not ideal for swimming due to its strong currents, it certainly provides a one-of-a-kind view and one of the best culinary experiences on the island. 

While relaxing onshore, there is even more for you to enjoy. Many of our spa services are mobile, and you can receive the best in spa treatments right alongside one of nature’s best creations: the sea. Hot stone massages, pedicures and manicures are but a few of the seaside services to make your perfect beach day. Beaches such as Accra in the South and Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown are known to have many of these services on site but they can be arranged on other beaches as well. 

Nature lovers, we haven’t forgotten you. Barbados’ waters are a marine lover’s dream. 

The island is home to all types of sea-life. From ancient corals to shipwrecks or a sea turtle sighting, we have some of the best snorkelling in the Caribbean. The aforementioned Carlisle Bay is home to a few shipwrecks and is a popular spot for diving in Barbados. Experienced and courageous divers often visit these wrecks to take photos or investigate the life forms which have inhabited these underwater ‘museums’. There are chartered sea tours and submarine trips that will take visitors up to 130 feet below sea level to see these wrecks up close. 

Continuing in the life of the sea, Barbados’ waters are inhabited by all forms of marine life. Locals and visitors alike take much pride in protecting our sea creatures as we understand the role they all play in the ecosystem and the general sustainability of our environment. Our sea turtles are held dear, and this is evidenced by the many signs on the coasts which indicate that turtles may be crossing or present on the beach, especially during their nesting times. Beaches such as Heywoods and Six Men’s Bay, both in St. Peter, are popular nesting areas for the sea turtles. While it is strongly advised that you do not interfere in their natural processes, there is a lot to learn by just watching them in their natural marine habitat. 

There is so much for you to do in and around Barbados’ beaches. Will it be a soothing dip in the sea, a long romantic walk, a casual drink with a bite of local cuisine onshore? Or, will it be an adventurous deepwater exploration? Whatever it is, we have it naturally and abundantly in the vibrant and translucent waters of Barbados!

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