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Book a tour of a Barbados animal sanctuary to get close to wild animals

Animal Sanctuaries

Visit an animal wildlife sanctuary in Barbados and enjoy the site of wild Caribbean creatures interacting with you and with each other.

Wild animal sanctuaries in Barbados harness the power and majesty of nature in the shape of the animals that have made the island their home. Take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe these creatures against the backdrop nature has created for them. When you visit a Barbados animal sanctuary you get up close and personal with wildlife such as pink flamingos, multi-colored parrots, azure-sapphire peacocks, green monkeys, brocket deer’s, agouti, caiman and armadillo. All of these stunning creatures are free to wander as they like, feeding, exploring and interacting in a manner that simply doesn’t happen in a standard zoo. Throw in a bar serving refreshing drinks and it’s possible to spend all day relaxing during a visit to a Caribbean wildlife sanctuary.

The two main wildlife reserves on the island are the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and Hope Sanctuary, and they each offer a different experience. Hope Sanctuary is an animal welfare charity which offers shelter and a loving home to cats and dogs which have been abandoned or mistreated. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, on the other hand, is home to exotic animals, reptiles and birds, some of which are endangered and the most popular of which is the Barbados green monkey. Although the animals are fascinating to observe, visitors should always maintain a safe distance and, under no circumstances be tempted to feed them. In fact, if you visit the reserve at two o’clock you get to enjoy the spectacle of the animals enjoying their official feeding time. As a wonderful treat for animal lovers of all ages, a trip to a Barbados animal sanctuary will be a highlight of any Caribbean vacation.


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