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The Tropical Saxophonist

Barbados is not just a great place to relax and enjoy the tropical scenes. It is also the home of many great talents. Some of which shine beyond the shores of the island and make their way onto the international stage, sharing their gifts with the entire world, one such talent is Arturo Tappin.

When it comes to the saxophone, his skills have no comparison. The sweet sounds that are emitted from the instrument as he serenades his captive audience leave them wanting more. Known throughout the Caribbean as one of the best, if not the best sax player, his music has reached the ears of many.

For many years the artist has created music that is not only trendy but original. His approach to jazz is laced with a Caribbean flavour, a theme that somehow personifies the Caribbean experience. These strong musical roots shine through his music, interlacing traditional jazz with a hefty dollop of traditional tropical rhythms.

Born in Barbados, he lived the life of an island boy, one who was filled with music. With the urge to create his very own unique sound he was propelled to work diligently on his craft. The result is the wonderful music that is known today across the world. He has performed countless times throughout the Caribbean, sharing his music with the people and bringing awareness to himself and his musical abilities. It is this awareness that has helped create his brand and build his reputation as a talented saxophone player. He is so well known throughout the region that he is often the first person to be asked to perform at many upscale events; once there he always delivers an excellent performance, one that etches into the brain of the audience, truly unforgettable.

His debut recording “Strictly Roots Jazz” was a hit! For the first time, his music was available for all to hear and enjoy. This success was soon followed by the release of another album “Java.” Also a hit, he continued to release his music building up a fanbase throughout the Caribbean and beyond. His career not only includes creating and recording music but he is indeed a performer as well. Headlining many festivals within the Caribbean, he has made a name for himself as a great stage presence, one which commands the attention of his audience. Blowing life into the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, he entertained the crowd with his rhythmic tunes. His performances aren’t pinned down to the Caribbean, he has indeed played all over the world, sharing his talent with everyone who cares to listen. The Scotland Fringe Festival featured him, it took him far away from his origins. He has also played for two American Presidents, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama! It is due to his great talent that such an honour was bestowed upon him and his musical prowess did not disappoint.

Arturo, a true master, not only records and performs his music, but he also takes on the role of Musical Director. In this position, he has led all musical aspects relating to the successful recording of music. He has worked with the likes of Eddy Grant in this capacity and has continued to show that his musical aptitude is boundless.

For his contribution to the musical movement in the Caribbean, he was awarded the Award of Excellence in the Arts. This acclamation was bestowed upon him by the former Prime Minister of Jamaica, P.J Patterson. The immense impact he has had on the music world and the jazz community within the Caribbean has been celebrated by all as his unique sound permeated the airwaves and made their way into many homes.

His desire to mentor the next generation of musicians shows us that there is still so much more that he is willing to offer. His wealth of expertise is sure to benefit any who is lucky enough to be guided by him. Arturo Tappin is a true inspiration to aspiring performers and musicians, showing them that the world is indeed their stage.