Bluff House

Opening Hours:
St. James
Distance From Airport:
19.3 Km (11.99 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
8.2 Km (5.1 Miles)
Sandy Lane, St. James

The distinction between sheltered interiors and a naturally flora-flushed exterior is somewhat unclear at Bluff House. This villa is a wonderful example of houses in Barbados incorporating outdoor living into their interior spaces, resulting in a fabulously fresh and airy abode. Radiating a relaxed but elegant ambience, Bluff House is decorated in a harmonious amalgamation of white, cream and cucumber-green-enhanced, here and there, with a stronger colour palette. Sandy Lane Beach can be reached via a private pathway, while Sandy Lane's legendary eighteen-hole golf course will delight guests who enjoy golf. Additionally, there’s a beautiful garden pool surrounded by lush island plants, while six calm-inducing bedrooms and a full team of staff ensure your time at Bluff House is one of utter tranquillity.