Skilled Tennis Player

Though a small country, Barbados has made its mark in the sporting world on many occasions. Many of the homebred athletes have gone on to make a positive mark on the industry and have done an excellent job of placing the island on the map. Darian King is just one of the superb sportsmen who has done this. His talents in tennis have placed him in the limelight on many occasions and have thus allowed him to rival athletes in the international arena, displaying his determination and will to win.

Throughout the island, he has become a household name as his many fans continue to root for his success as he battles his way to the top. Starting his tennis career at the tender age of eight, he has come a long way on his journey to success with the sport being a part of his life for an astounding twenty years! This shows that his love for the sport originated at a very young age and has not since been diminished!

As a young athlete, he drew inspiration from other talented players such as Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Dustin Brown, and Gael Monfils. These players paved the way for him, offering motivation, urging him along in their footsteps, creating a positive path to success. His aspirations with regards to becoming internationally known were never hampered. In fact, it is due to his home that he prefers a “hard” court to play on, this is because there are only hard courts in Barbados! Thus this is what he is accustomed to.

Darian comes from a family of athletes, this makes it easy to understand why he is as talented as he is. Though his family enjoyed other sporting activities, it can be inferred that he was a product of his family. His mother was an avid netballer and his father enjoyed field hockey. It is actually his brother who serves as a coach for him, this shows just how the entire family is involved in sports in some way. It’s no wonder he became the sportsman he is today!

There are many accomplishments that young Darian can boast about. During his career he has had many a-victory and also many losses, as this is the case when it comes to competitive sports, he is no exception. He ranks at 283 worldwide and continues to strive in his craft from year to year. Participating in many tournaments, including the Grand Slam Australian Open, he has experienced most of what the international tennis community has to offer. His abilities have taken him all over the world in search of friendly competition. Though his skills have allowed him to globetrot around the world, his favourite tournament is the Indian Wells Tournament, hosted in the USA during mid-March of each year.

Most of his training is done on the island in Barbados and occasionally in Florida as well. His hard and constant training has allowed him to perfect his favourite shot, the crosscourt forehand! Though tennis takes up most of his time, he still makes time to play the occasional game of football. His skills are just not limited to the tennis court, he can handle himself on the football field as well, in fact, he wanted to be a midfielder if he wasn’t very successful in his tennis career! It is hard to imagine him as a footballer now! He also loves music and enjoys listening to it as one of his hobbies, what a relaxing exercise when compared to the energy he expels daily on the court!

At the age of 29, he has already accomplished so much in his sporting area. His dedication shines as a beacon to others who are desirous of walking in a similar path to him, showing them that success is possible in any sport once determination is steadfast.