Every Beach Worshipper’s Paradise

So you are ready to travel to Barbados, the gem of the Caribbean Sea! The reason for your visit? To enjoy, among other things, the breathtaking beaches in Barbados. With more than 50 brilliant, white sandy jewels - prepare to dip your toes in the waters of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean! 

Even though from any point in Barbados a beach is only a few minutes away, it is easy for some to fall in love with the very first beach they visit and never step foot on another seashore. While that’s a lovely way to enjoy your best beach vacation, we recommend quite the opposite! Every beach in  Barbados is a tropical paradise and with so many to select from there's no need to choose just one. 

Rent a car and see the island... Your journey begins on the South Coast. 

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Bathsheba Beach
The top surfer's beach in Barbados, located in the rugged eastern parish of St. Joseph. This picturesque village is home to fishing folk, guesthouses and local rum shops and restaurants.
Bathsheba, St. Joseph
St. Joseph