Globe Drive In Cinema

Vauxhall, Christ Church
Christ Church
Distance From Airport:
7.3 Km (4.54 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
6.3 Km (3.91 Miles)
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The standard mode of operation is easy to follow. There is a featured film that is the main attraction as well as a secondary film. The featured film is shown twice daily.  The first showing is at “5:30 pm”, but this time may vary because the sun sets at different times throughout the year. It is followed by the secondary film and the featured film is then repeated as the last show of the night. 

The concession stand and washrooms are conveniently located at the rear of the venue so as not to distract viewers, with the long lines or noise of the concessionaires. Of course, the Drive-In has its standard cinema offerings of hot dogs, popcorn, snacks, candy, drinks, pizza and burgers. But we always do things differently in the Caribbean so you can expect to find additional offerings such as samosas, fish cakes, fish cutters, (fish steaks or flying fish between a large Barbadian dinner roll called a Salt bread), and rotis. Patrons can also bring their own food and enjoy the movies with their loved ones in their cars or close to the screen in a picnic area set up for patrons. 

Once a patron has entered through the main entrance and paid their admission fee, they can find a suitable space to park. There are no old fashioned radios to attach to your car door or hang off your car window. Instead, you can tune the car’s radio to 107.3 FM and enjoy the full surround sound at a volume of your choice to get the full experience of the movies.

For one reasonable price, a patron gets to enjoy not one but two HD movies. Notably, at times there may only be one film (the feature) shown twice depending on the length of the film and a new film schedule starts every Wednesday.

The Globe Drive-In Movie Theatre provides a stellar experience for locals and visitors alike.  It is also conveniently located close to the island’s largest shopping complex outside of the Capital, Sheraton Mall. Experience the open Caribbean night sky, food and movies with loved ones all for an affordable price. It is advised that customers arrive early, especially for blockbusters as they can have huge audiences and there may be a bit of an extended wait time for these popular films. The Globe Drive-In is a great option for anyone with access to a vehicle who loves to watch movies and parents would be advised to check the movie selection for the ratings of the films being shown as children will not be allowed to view inappropriately rated movies. You can check out the movie listings on their Facebook page @Globe Drive-In.  

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