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Explore the natural and man-made landmark of Barbados

Landmarks and Monuments

Barbados is an island where the past sits side by side with the present. The Caribbean landmarks and famous historical sites bring history to vibrant life.

If you’re planning a holiday on the stunning Caribbean island of Barbados, make sure your sightseeing itinerary takes in visits to some of the many famous historical monuments and landmarks. Virtually every aspect of life in Barbados is captured in a landmark or monument of some kind – from military history and architecture all the way to religious sites and the story of Barbadian agriculture. Stunning natural landmarks abound, such as Animal Flower Cave, Coles Cave, Harrison's Cave and The Spout, while those which have been constructed by the people of the island include the Bridgetown Historical Centre, Garrison Historic Area, Nidhe Israel Synagogue, St. James Parish Church, Drax Hall Estate, Sam Lord’s Castle and St. Nicholas Abbey, to name just a few. Barbados people are proud of their history, and you can visit and take photographs which will make you proud to have been a witness to it.

The rich history and heritage of Barbados means that the island is packed with monuments and statues celebrating the individuals who have played key roles in its cultural and social development. Travel to Highway 1 on the Emancipation roundabout and you’ll find Bussa, a massive bronze statue depicting a slave with broken chains, which celebrates the emancipation of the island and its people. In Rock Hall you’ll find a similar monument depicting a family of freed slaves in celebration of the fact that Rock Hall was the first free village in Barbados. The capital of Bridgetown boasts more patriotic monuments and memorials than anywhere else in the Caribbean, and iconic examples such as the Emancipation Statue and Independence Arch attract sightseeing tourists from all over the world.


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