Local Markets! What to Try

Local Markets! What to Try

Your shopping experience in Bim is flavorful, diverse and most importantly, local. With fresh produce grown right here in Barbados grab your shopping basket and explore our wide range of fruits, vegetables and homemade delicacies. For art enthusiasts, jewellery and craft are often on display in these markets as well. On your trip to Barbados, a visit to  Pelican Craft Village, the Caribbean Gallery of Art, Cher-Antoinette's studio, Peace by Tanya, Hastings Farmers’ market, Cheapside Market and Temple Yard are a few examples of authentic Bajan culture.

Pelican Craft Village

Pelican Craft Village is located in St. Michael, just on the outskirts of Bridgetown. Contrary to its name, it is not a nesting spot for the species of bird; it is actually named after ‘Pelican Island’ which existed on the coast of Barbados before being incorporated into our deep water harbour. Pelican Craft village is a vibrant community for local artisans to display their mahogany, wirework and hand-crafted jewellery. The centre is hard to miss, often the first shopping centre for visitors off cruise ships. Brightly painted architecture with red-shingled roofs are scattered throughout the centre to resemble a miniature village. The village is wheelchair accessible, and after your shopping, you can feel free to enjoy a cold glass of mauby or warm coffee at the centre’s restaurants. Home to many local performing arts such as spoken-word poetry, ‘Poetry Limes’ are sometimes held in the Creative space every last Saturday of the month. Interested in immersing yourself in Bajan culture? Pelican Craft Village is not to be missed. 


Travel to the idyllic Speightstown and feast your eyes on renowned works at the Caribbean Gallery of Art. Located in Queen’s Street St. Peter, the gallery has been home to works by world-famous Caribbean artists such as Alison Chapman-Andrews, Susan Alleyne Forde, Heidi Berger and more. Open Monday-Friday 10 AM to 4 PM and on Saturdays 10 AM to 2 PM, you can find paintings and craft reflective of Caribbean life and culture, with beautiful landscapes of the oceans and gullies, perfect for your living room back home. 

Be sure to take a visit to the Caribbean Gallery of Art and leave with a piece to make your trip even more memorable! The gallery focuses on showcasing regional art, and as such, you will find pieces from Haiti, Cuba, Guyana and much more on display. It is easily accessible to persons staying on the West Coast but no matter your location, if you’re eager to explore you won’t regret it!

Cher Antoinette’s Art Studio, located in Hopefield Development, Christ Church is available for viewing for those interested in returning home with Barbadian fine art. Cher also has a jewellery line, called C-to wearable art. Her jewellery pieces are made through acrylic pours, ensuring that each piece is unique. Incorporating the use of crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz and more, Cher is a multi-talented fine artist who tries to keep her price point below US 50; for those unable to buy a painting you are invited to wear her art through purchasing one of her signature necklaces, earrings or pendants.  Her home studio is available for private viewings on request, and she has also displayed work at Harrison’s cave and the University of the West Indies. 

Another emerging craft artist is the company PeacesbyAnya. Although the work is not showcased at a permanent location, owner Thonya has displayed her pieces at BMEX, Firefly and Girlfriend’s expo; you can shop with her virtually via Instagram at PeacesbyAnya. Her jewellery is made from cloth and has an Afro-centric, feminist focus. Loved by both locals and tourists, the artist said her goal is to empower and inspire women through her pieces, evolving into a t-shirt collection with the phrase ‘Bajan Queen’; perfect for you to take home as a souvenir. Some of her t-shirts are designed by local graphic artist sketch creation showcasing a woman in a headwrap with one of Thonya’s necklaces worn. Support her powerful messages and decorative pieces by visiting her Instagram page at PeacesbyAnya.

Buy local and homemade at Hastings’ Farmers’ Market in Christ Church!  Typically open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 AM to 2 PM at the ArtSplash centre, you can hand-pick fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, eggs, tiki pies and enjoy refreshing natural juices! Catering to more than food, a trip will showcase organic soaps, leather shoes and a variety of colourful arts and craft. Are you tired after traversing in the sun? Enjoy a post-shopping rest on the Coffee Dock, partaking in a healthy breakfast of gluten-free waffles, eggs and more. Complete with a picturesque verandah, sea-breeze and viewing of the ocean, Hastings Farmers’ Market is a shopping experience like no other. 

A visit to Cheapside Market is a Bajan tradition. Locals can be seen flocking to the colourful stalls early on Saturday mornings to ensure they receive first-pick of fresh produce and hand-crafted jewellery. Cheapside is located in Bridgetown, one of the biggest of its kind and suitable for those looking for a central shopping experience. Generally open Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 5 PM, there you can source a variety of organic, homegrown vegetables, fruits, snacks, juices and more. A trip inside the market showcases many healthy restaurants, vegan dishes and alkaline-based meals. Take part in this Bajan tradition and take a visit to Cheapside!

Temple Yard is located just across from Cheapside market-so after you have done your shopping, a trip across the street takes you into Barbados’ local Rastafari culture centre. Historically the Rastafari community of Barbados has been known for their quality craftwork, particularly the making of leather shoes and wire-crafted jewellery. It has now become a well-known cultural centre complete with sculptors and painters, bags, belts and more. For health enthusiasts, Ital food is available daily and is recommended by locals as a healthy alternative with a delicious taste. Ital food is vegetarian prepared food, unique to the Rastafari community. Visit Temple Yard and interact with the community of artists and cultural practitioners, open year-round but not on Sundays. 

Your shopping experience in Barbados overflows with variety, at our diverse local shopping centres across the island. Enjoy locally grown fruits and vegetables at Cheapside market and Hastings Farmers Market. Art and craft are rife at Pelican Craft Village and Temple Yard. Or for those with an eye for fine art Cher Antoinette’s studio, PeacesbyAnya and the Caribbean Gallery of Art make for unique stops where you emerge with intricate paintings to remind you of your holiday adventures.

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