Luxury Island Tours

Ancient caves, unique landforms, and historic underwater wrecks are but a sample of what awaits any curious traveller to Barbados. Barbados has much to be explored, whether by land or sea. To make it even more enticing, your island exploration can be done in the most luxurious style. Barbados tours provide plenty of sun, sea, stunning green spaces - and champagne, of course - all the elements of the perfect tropical holiday. Will it be a moonlight cruise along the shimmering island coasts? Or, maybe you would rather have an open adventure over the island’s beautiful terrain. No matter your choice, Barbados offers several luxury island tours for all preferences. One great thing about these tours is that they can all be booked before you arrive. Many of our Barbados island tour operators offer special packages onboard cruise liners and via travel agents which make your booking and planning seamless!

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Island Safari
The off­road jeep adventure takes you through gullies, forest, remote bays and coastal views.
CWTS Complex Lower Estate, St. George
St. George