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  • Marine Parks
Barbados is home to a selection of dazzling marine parks

Marine Parks

If you love interacting with sea life then a visit to a Barbados marine park is an absolute must.

If exploring glorious underwater landscapes and interacting with a stunningly diverse range of sea life sets your pulse racing then a marine park holiday in Barbados will be your perfect vacation. There are two dazzling parks of this kind on the Barbados coast, and they are amongst the very best marine sanctuaries around in the Caribbean and the world beyond. Carlisle Bay Marine Park in St. Micheal is the larger of the two, while Folkestone Marine Park in St James is smaller. They both feature an inshore reef which offers the perfect environment for snorkeling. Take to the water in a Barbados Marine Park and you’ll be close to marine wildlife such as sea fans, barrel sponges, snapper, chub, parrot fish, trunk fish, angelfish, barracudas, sea turtles and schools of dazzling tropical fish. A marine life park is the perfect backdrop for a picnic or family day out, and guests are asked to ensure that no sea life, including coral, is removed, whilst fishing within the reserves is also prohibited.

The crystal clear waters around Barbados make it the perfect location for attractions such as these. At Folkestone Marine Park, for example, you can explore a natural reef teeming with a variety of sea life first hand, simply by putting on your snorkel and taking to the water. Stay close to the shore for safety’s sake and when you’ve finished swimming you can take a stroll around a museum packed with information on the kind of sea-life you’ve just been interacting with. A marine safari park in Barbados is the ideal place for a Caribbean family day out, combining beautiful scenery and fascinating wild life with the chance for visitors of all ages to learn about the underwater universe which helps to make Barbados so special.


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