Mount Hillaby

Mount Hillaby, Carrington, Barbados
St. Andrew

Although this island is said to sit below sea level and is considered as being a predominantly flat landmass, there exist a small few peeks that stands majestically overlooking the sea. Though these peaks do not reach altitudes similar to other peaks in neighbouring islands; there is one, just tall enough to be scientifically considered as a mountain. 

This peak is Mount Hillaby, situated in the breathtaking parish of St Andrew, it is an elevated region, crowned the highest point in Barbados and reaching one thousand one hundred and fifteen feet above sea level, Talk about impressive! This mountain is one of the most ideal places to capture stunning views of all angles of this lovely island. The picturesque views of the east coast are simply amazing and just the right backdrop for a great photo op. Early in the morning, before the sun rises a white blanket of mist drapes over the peak of Mount Hillaby giving it a surreal atmosphere like a serene room at the base of the heavens. But when the sun comes out illuminating the morning the sky, the mist graciously dissipates revealing the surrounding land and seascapes. 

Bathsheba sits humbly below with its bobbing waves and the white body of Chalky mount in the distance. A thick carpet of green tapestry stretches on for miles interrupted only by the small few houses scattered sparsely throughout the terrain. The natural beauty of the area which remains mostly untouched by human development is a breath of fresh air. The view from atop Mount Hillaby paints a rough picture of what pre-colonized life in Barbados would have looked like if you just mentally removed the few structures within sight. The steep and uncut hillside coated in the dense forest creates a cool tropical paradise. Mount Hillaby’s height, as well as the surrounding vegetation, makes it a very relaxing hiking trail. The trek up the mountain is not intense or challenging; it's more calming and scenic, suitable for even the most sedentary of persons. 

Another noteworthy feature of Mount Hillaby is in its geological composition, unlike the surrounding chalky mount area and its red clay; Mount Hillaby is made up of white coral stone and Volcanic rock. This is most interesting considering that Barbados has no volcanoes and this is the only place on the island possessing this type of rock, while the rest is made up of white coral. 

When exploring Barbados make sure to visit attractions at the lowest and the highest point of the island, get a three-sixty view of the countryside, snap photos for posterity and just get lost in the natural beauty while looking down on the rest of the island. Imagine for a moment that this may have been the first piece of this now spectacular island to make its way to the surface of the water from the depths of the sea.