Off-Road Adventures

Off-Road Adventures

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Away from the spas, shopping malls, nightclubs and bars, you can explore what the island of Barbados has to offer if you are willing to get closer to nature and maybe a little muddy. Off the beaten track adventure holidays are increasingly being sought after and here in Barbados, you have options depending on how fast you want to go. If you feel the need for speed, have a mud dog mentality; if you are an ocean lover or even if you’re going to take a romantic moonlight adventure on horseback... There are a range of extreme adventures for everyone.

OffRoad Fury Barbados

Dirt trails, fun and speed, this is what OffRoad Fury Barbados offers when you join them for a fun experience. Hailed as the ultimate off-road go-kart and ATV experience the adrenaline-packed adventure in Barbados takes you through the sugar cane and oil fields of St. Philip.  The activity is ideally suited as a group adventure, and the experienced instructors ensure that safety is paramount.  Take control of a go-kart or an ATV, and make some fun memories.

Island Safari

Dress comfortably, have your mobile phone ready to snap a few selfies and be prepared to do lots of laughing, screaming and cheering when you hop on board an Island Safari Barbados 4x4.  The top-rated Safari tours are a favourite among locals and visitors and can be repeated time after time for new spills & thrills. The highly skilled drivers take you literally off the beaten tracks and into exclusive forest areas around the island, exposing you to beautiful vantage points and providing an unforgettable ride. 

Added to the thrill of riding in the back of their retrofitted 4x4’s is their infamous ‘Jungle Juice’ that keeps a big smile on your face, as well as the delicious lunch the company provides after your tour. You can have your choice of structured tours, or you can create your own adventure, but rest assured that whatever your choice, it will be well worth it.  

Bike Caribbean Tours

Let’s swap four wheels (and a motor) for two wheels and pedal power.  Bike Caribbean Tours, as the name suggests, offers you the opportunity to experience the majestic beauty of Barbados on a bike.  Explore the island's many trails and scenic pathways with the experienced tour guides who seek to give you a personalised & unique experience.  Small group tours, ensure that you can fully enjoy and indulge in the ride around the island. Conversely, for those who are comfortable enough to explore our tropical paradise alone, Bike Caribbean Tours also offers rentals of their traditional bikes or the electric alternative. Take a bike and enjoy the natural beauty Barbados has to offer, the pace is slightly slower, but the perspective on the island can be quite breathtaking. 

Ocean Echo Stables

One way of experiencing nature and its beauty is to journey on that which nature has provided - a horse. Yes, tap into your inner cowboy or cowgirl and ride into the sunset with Ocean Echo.  Located in the parish of St. John, the stables sit on the hillside overlooking the Atlantic ocean and the rugged coastline of the island. The horseback rides, take you along the pathways not accessible by vehicle, to some of the most beautiful and unspoiled lookout points in Barbados. Depending on your skill level, there is a package for you, and there’s even a moonlight ride for those of you with an adventurous spirit.  If you are interested in a romantic ride, they also offer a prepared picnic at the end of your scenic ride, a chance to dismount, sit back and enjoy your partners’ company and the ambience. It’s a must if you are seeking an authentic experience.

‘Tore’ Barbados

Guided off-road experiences are great, but it can be absolutely exhilarating to do it all by yourself! What if you could do both? Well, that is just what Tore Barbados offers to you! As they say "we guide, you drive", and it is just that.  You are given the keys to a fully modified off-road-ready vehicle, and you follow the well-trained guides through the tracks and gullies of Barbados.  Not only showing you a first-hand experience of what it takes to conquer the traps of off-roading but also offering another view of Barbados that only the skilled off-roaders traditionally experience.  The only thing left to do is get the keys, start the engine and see if you can handle the terrain. 

Jahworks Equestrian Centre and Nature Walk Tours

Jahworks Equestrian Centre and Nature Walk Tours can be found nestled within the rolling hills in the parish of St. Andrew.  There is something to be said about horseback riding on a beautiful island; it is incomparable to any other tour or adventure.  The well-trained horses and friendly skilled guides, take you through the hills and gullies of St. Andrew - a parish known for its natural beauty.  Venture along the coastline of the stunning East Coast and take in the power of the Atlantic Ocean.  Enjoy the experience with a small group of friends, as a family or as an adventure with you and a loved one -  Add this experience to your island to-do list.

Barbados has so much to offer to make your stay on the island a one of a kind experience! Beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, world-class dining and some of the friendliest people in the world.  But what is also offered to you is an opportunity to experience the untamed natural beauty of the island while still having loads of fun. So while in Barbados try the 'not-so-ordinary' experiences and create some wonderful memories with one of these off the beaten track adventures that the island has to offer.

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