Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant

East Coast Rd, Belleplaine, Barbados
Opening Hours:






St. Andrew

Every journey needs a rest stop and set among all the natural beauty, there is one spot, in particular, that is a true Bajan eatery, authentic in cuisine, style and atmosphere. Sand Dunes bar is a metaphorical oasis in the desert, a place to sit back and relax, eat, laugh and enjoy the fresh St Andrew air. This bar and restaurant sports a lovely modern, yet familiar Bajan set up.  The brightly painted concrete structure irradiates a delightful intrinsic charm before ever stepping inside. The ambience is comfortable and laid back, like a typical restaurant or a rum shop vibe. In addition to the indoors, Sand Dunes Bar extends into an additional outdoor eating area with picnic benches shaded with umbrellas. 

When visiting an island or a new place a great way to truly experience the culture is by exploring their cuisine. The food served at Sand Dunes Bar and restaurant is authentically Bajan. The menu consists of Bajan staples and visitor favourites such as fish and chips, cheesy macaroni pie, pudding and souse, grilled fish, rice and peas, baked chicken and many more mouth-watering dishes. And to quench your thirst grab a bottle of coconut water, an ice-cold (locally brewed) Banks beer, or select from any of the other various alcoholic or on-local beverages on sale.

Sand Dunes is considered to be a home-styled restaurant and rightly so! It’s displayed by the warm and friendly staff who make you feel right at home with their excellent service and down to earth attitudes. Food is prepared with Bajan skill and customers are served as if the meal came right from Granny's pot - a hearty meal in large portions. Try the world's best macaroni pie and freshly caught fish, grilled to perfection or baked chicken flavoured with the locally grown seasoning. As you sit awaiting your order, aromas waft gracefully to your nostrils, your mouth may begin to water as your taste buds eagerly await the first bite.  When the meal arrives you are rewarded for your wait with tantalizing flavours that dance across your tastebuds culminating your sensual experience with a literal taste of Barbados. 

The bar and restaurant, which was previously a domicile, has now been repurposed into this lively and welcoming hangout. Improvements have been made over time, certainly adding to its charm and appeal. The prices are reasonable, your meal and the overall experience matches its value and in some ways exceeds that. Sand Dunes Bar and Restaurant is a lovely location and will surely be a very warming experience that will leave you longing to return.