Thinking About Setting up a Remote Office in Barbados? You Need to Read This…

Thinking About Setting up a Remote Office in Barbados? You Need to Read This…

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Before we greet you with a warm Barbadian welcome and before you explore the gem that is Barbados, you may be wondering how easy it really is to set up and maintain remote work from Barbados. To allay your trepidation, we present to you three top things the working nomad should know before moving to Barbados.

Staying Connected is Easy!

Barbados has one of the top telecommunications infrastructures in the Caribbean, and with that comes access to uninterrupted high-speed internet, mobile coverage across the whole island and competitive packages for a flawless Zoom and other virtual meeting experience (and, of course, staying in touch with loved-ones back home.) As soon as you touch down in Barbados, head to one of the two local telecommunications providers (Digicel and FLOW) and set up a pre- or post-paid mobile package to receive your Barbados number. And for those who need it, these service providers are a one-stop-shop for landline, cable TV and broadband internet bundles and installation. After signing up with these telecommunications companies, you may also transact all business - such as bill payments, queries or any other business - online or via their apps!

Tech, Supplies and Support Everywhere

Feel free to travel lightly when arriving on the Barbados Welcome Stamp programme. Barbados has many office and technology supply stores and outlets that are fully stocked to serve your business needs. From basic stationery such as staples, notepads and pens to more tech-oriented requirements like printers, monitors, phone chargers, power plug converters and other accessories are easy finds. Products and accessories for preferred brands including Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and others are also widely available on the island through official distributors and reputable dealers. And finally, if your cell phone, tablet, laptop or any other devices have issues or damage, there is a cadre of professionals and repair shops that are conveniently located across malls and commercial centres to solve these issues - as long as they are fixable! A quick google search will point you in the right direction.

So Many Office Options

You will never lack for the perfect office space in Barbados when you arrive on the Welcome Stamp programme. For those stampers looking to work from their new home base, several possibilities exist across housing options to achieve the perfect home office space. Many homes in Barbados have dedicated spaces for home offices, or studies that may be converted to suit that purpose. A spacious master bedroom is also perfect to achieve the ideal set-up to work from home, and options with air-conditioning are definitely doable.

For the Welcome Stampers that want to have a constant change of scenery, feel free to office-hop across Barbados’ coffee shops, beach bars, beaches and more. Thanks to Wi-Fi hot spots dotted across the island, working in the breezy, sun-drenched outdoors is right at your fingertips!

Traditionalist stampers, there’s even something for you. The island now has a growing complement of traditional office space options, complete with beautiful environs, individual offices with basic furnishings (i.e. a desk, chairs and power outlets), boardroom and shared amenities such as fax rooms, kitchenettes and lunchrooms, lobby and reception services - all at competitive daily, weekly or monthly rates! The best part is no one will ever know you’re just a few steps away from a chill day at the beach.

This message is a digital nomad and remote worker approved!



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