Take A Step into Rihanna Drive

Take A Step into Rihanna Drive

This is the place where an icon was born; a backstreet located on the outskirts of Bridgetown. It’s tucked away from the bustling traffic of the Mighty Gryner Highway and an earshot from the shoreline.

Today, this street is known as a cultural landmark but before it was once just Westbury Road and the home of The Right Excellent Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
So, what’s this street?

None other than Rihanna Drive.

This is the road that shaped an island girl with big dreams into a billionaire mogul and the protagonist of this story. 
This community is where it all began, in a green and yellow house to be exact, accented with red trimmings and bright blue pavements.
Set on the side of a narrow road, where one end is a window to the sea and the other is a peep into West Bury cemetery,
a place where Rihanna holds fond memories.

So, in 2023, when you step into the Barbados booth at each trade show, you are stepping into Rihanna Drive.
Not only will you be transported to the childhood home of a superstar, but you will be charmed by the different elements that define Barbadiana.

When you first see the booth, you will be greeted by Ramel the Rooster, the original Barbadian alarm clock, perched upon the Rihanna Drive sign.

You will see kites strung along the booths to represent a traditional pastime of a young Rihanna and many Barbadian children.
As you step into the booth you will see engravings on the tables reminiscent of people slamming dominoes by a rum shop,
liming and debating on a heated topic.