The Baobab Tree

Warrens, St. Michael
St. Michael
Distance From Airport:
12.9 Km (8.02 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
0.9 Km (0.56 Miles)

African heritage lives in Barbados through the Baobab tree. One of only 2 on the island, the tree in Warrens St. Michael is the oldest known living tree in Barbados. The second majestic tree is in Queen's Park, Bridgetown. It bears a mahogany-like fruit in the late summer months that tastes much like tamarind only sweeter. Massive in size and majestic in appearance, it represents for many the longevity of character that exists in Barbados.

Said to be brought from Guinea in 1738, this tree at Warrens is a source of attention as visitors can be seen offloading tour buses just to capture a unique piece of Barbados' history.