Barbados - A Rejuvenating and Therapeutic Destination for Body and Soul

Barbados - A Rejuvenating and Therapeutic Destination for Body and Soul

Whether it be a trip for mental rejuvenation, a long-awaited girls’ trip or that overdue intimate getaway, spas in Barbados and wellness centres cater to your every desire. For the more traditional among us, there are pedicures, manicures and exfoliating body scrubs. However, for those willing to venture a bit further,  our spas offer the latest in waxing, skin tightening procedures and body contouring technology. From the award-winning Golden Touch Spa Barbados, located in Christ Church to the Serenity Spa located on the grounds of The Crane Hotel in St. Philip to Sandy Lane Spa Barbados, there is an indulgent treatment at a Caribbean Spa for each visitor. 

Imagine - Golden, sunlight sweetly filtering between swaying palm trees accompanied by the soft tumbling sounds of crashing waves. Without a doubt, Barbados’ serene beaches and generally relaxed atmosphere provide the most peaceful ambience for a rejuvenating Caribbean spa vacation

Feeling jet-lagged? Or, maybe you are a bit worn out from a day of retail therapy in the streets of historic Bridgetown. Our wellness professionals across the island have the perfect antidote for you. In just over an hour, a tempting full-body massage, in any spa in Barbados, can provide soothing relief for tense and tired muscles. Anxieties and nervous energy will quietly fade as the gentle and trained hands of the professionals complete your treatment with a mellow scalp massage and warm towel compress on your face and feet. 

For the mothers-to-be, take a moment to think about your ‘baby-moon’. That is, a little getaway for you, the expectant parents, to connect and bond with your little one before his or her big arrival. Be assured: Barbados is just what you need. No need to worry, our spas provide therapies specifically for the needs of moms to be. As your body provides care for another during this time, leave it to the knowledgeable therapists to gently give a hydrating massage which is specifically designed to treat the skin as it adjusts to the needs of a growing baby. This service is unmatched and can only positively add to the beautiful experience of carrying your child. Some of our spas take it just a bit further with unique ‘belly casting’. The proud parents will be able to take home a mould of Mum’s growing mid-section. 

While the idea of bonding enamours us before your new addition makes an entrance, a visit to  spas in Barbados also provides excellent opportunities for activities with older children too. Our wellness professionals know just what to do to make sure the little princes and princesses are pampered right along with Mum and Dad. There are many boutique spas and centres with packages for the whole family. A fun and colourful manicure for mum and daughter or a simple pedicure for the guys sounds like a great way to reconnect while vacationing in Barbados. Did we mention that many of these spa visits include sumptuous finger foods and other delectable refreshments? This is a great bonus! 

We know that many of our visitors are athletically inclined and love a good sweat in the Barbadian outdoors. It may be a round or two of golf, a game of cricket, or a genuinely invigorating cardio session in your hotel’s fitness centre. What better way to recover than with a sports massage? The spas at a few of our award-winning hotels and resorts have designed packages specifically for you. Sports Massages from The Spa at Sandy Lane Barbados will give focus to the soft tissues with just the right amount of pressure to restore mobility and reduce stiffness which many athletes may experience from time to time. One highlight of this experience is that this type of massage is not ‘one size fits all’. Instead, you can openly communicate with your therapist about any area or muscle group, which may need particular attention. In no time, you will feel rested and ready to return to your favourite activity. 

It is a common and pleasant sight in Barbados to see our visitors happily soaking up the warm sun as they lay on the sandy shores covered in suntan lotion while blissfully sipping on one of our local beverages. After all, a beautiful, bronze tan is one of the telltale signs of a vacation in paradise. But, what about if you want that same glow without the hours in the sun? Once again, our eager professionals cater to this need. One of the speciality services offered across the island are tanning treatments. As health and wellness is always a priority, spray tans here can utilise natural ingredients which are gentle on the skin. 

As you aim to reset your mind and body, incorporation of movement and meditation may be the ultimate remedy during your stay in Barbados. As our wellness centres seek to provide wholesome experiences, there is the opportunity to connect with nature by indulging a bit in a relaxing yoga session. Yoga in Barbados can open a pathway to mental clarity, ease of movement and an overall feeling of wellbeing. This option is yours as you embrace the natural peace of the surroundings here while gently, but deeply, inhaling the fresh and crisp ocean breeze which curls off of the Atlantic Ocean. Local certified yoga practitioners carefully craft routines designed for all abilities. They ensure that anyone who participates will find a rhythm that meets you just where you are despite your previous yoga experience. Can you imagine stretching to the sun while nestled on a paddleboard in open water? While this may sound complex, your fears will be quickly abated as you are guided by the highly recommended professionals of Santosha Yoga and Yoga Samudra which have been showered with praises for the unique services offered. 

If you prefer something more intimate, Baje Spa, among many others, will conduct your session at a suitable location of your choice. This mobile service reduces the hassle of commuting to and from a yoga studio. Many of the resorts where you will stay are already so picturesque and peaceful that you may prefer to meditate in one of the in-house gardens or other serene green spaces. 

While your vacation should definitely involve dining and experiencing the best in local cuisine, partaking in a sip (or few) of locally brewed drinks and spirits, a little dancing and vibing to the most infectious music, we also want you to leave our gem of an island feeling relaxed, revived and rejuvenated. Little Barbados, a proven leader in tourism, has shown that we know how to pamper our visitors in true island style. A soothing massage, a dip in the warm waters of the ocean or the light but soothing stretch of a yoga session may be all you need to briefly escape the realities of the world and truly indulge in the therapeutic wonders of Barbados!

Additional Information

Golden Touch Spa

With special treatments just for children, prices range from BDS $38 for Kids Manicure up to BDS $100 for more advanced waxing services. The spa is located in Maxwell, Christ Church. More information can be found on the website or by calling (246) 418-9090

Serenity Spa

This Spa is located on the grounds of The Crane Hotel in St. Philip and provides services for children as well as adults. Children’s facials are USD $35 while more romantic procedures such as the couples’ massage will cost USD $545.

Santosha Yoga

Located in Aquatic Gap, Bridgetown, classes range in prices from USD $25 to $40. They can be contacted by calling  (246)243-9556 or via email: [email protected]

Yoga Samudra

Reasonably priced, class prices begin from USD $20. More information can be found on the website: or by calling (246)838-2185. 

Baje Spa

Prices range from USD $50 to $100 for massages while Yoga will cost you about USD $13 for 1 hour. Mobile services include body wraps and massages which will be USD $75 to $80. They can be contacted by emailing [email protected] or calling (246) 824-9080

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