Turner's Hall Wood

Rock Hill, Swanns, Barbados
St. Andrew

Throughout the centuries the landscapes changed and the forests diminished as the land was developed to engineer a thriving civilization  - the Barbados of today dominated by manmade structures. However, several special places still maintain their natural beauty and sit as diamonds in the rough; Turner’s hall woods is one such place While Barbados boasts several gullies and open fields Turner’s Hall Woods is proudly the last remaining tropical forest on the island. 

Deep in the heart of St Andrew, amongst the rugged terrain is a nature reserve, which is home to a heterogeneous selection of interesting flora and fauna, unique to the Woods and Barbados by extension. The tropical woodland spans approximately fifty acres of land forming an arc-shaped ridge and is a common hiking trail that attracts avid hikers, nature enthusiasts as well as the average wanderer. The trail commences on an elevated plateau and gets progressively higher leading to a spectacular view of the east coast and the forest, splayed out down below. It is indisputable that the views provided by the elevated vantage point of Turner’s Hall Wood is one of its main attractions. Another attractive feature of this marvel is its unique flora - which includes a variety of different species of trees living synchronously. In fact, Turners Hall Woods is credited as being populated by the largest variety of plant species in Barbados.

Many of these plants are endemic to the island; including the macaw palm with its trunk covered in thick long needle-like spines. Some plants seem to come alive in response to touch by closing their leaves, adding a touch of magic to the adventure. The small streams scattered throughout the woods create an oasis-like atmosphere and a sense of peaceful bliss. Lianas climb the trunks of trees entangling them in wood-like rope. The thick trees provide the perfect refuge for all types of birds especially those visiting on the migration path. The warbler and its distinct yellow colour can also be spotted popping up from time to time, while troops of monkeys can be seen swinging playfully from the branches of trees, or simply relaxing while small rays of sun peek through the leaves. Spotting these delightful creatures as they go about their carefree lives is an entertaining activity for adults and children alike. The forest is simply enchanting and the best way to enjoy its magic is to immerse yourself in the beauty as you trek from base to summit.

This sacred treasure is significant to the preservation of the priceless commodity that is nature. A trip to Turners Hall Woods ignites your senses, as you take in the spectacular scenery, marvel at the alluring animals and enjoy the exotic plants thriving in their natural habitat. 


Location Name: Turner’s Hall Woods 

Address: Rock Hill, Swanns, Barbados

Activity type: Hiking