Volunteerism - Be A Part Of It

Volunteerism - Be A Part Of It

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A true sense of purpose in life is often found by giving back to others. The feeling of helping those in need is unmatched and heart-warming. Many organisations in Barbados have created a mandate dedicated to assisting vulnerable groups within society. Even beyond the livelihood of citizens, the health of the environment is equally as important to maintaining a sustainable Barbados to be enjoyed by future generations. Thus, programmes and initiatives of going green have increased as the threat of climate change enlarges.

Barbados’ travel and tourism businesses are doing their part to create a greener, more sustainable Barbados, and visitors with a passion for giving back are afforded many opportunities to play their part during their stay. 

Over the years, Barbados has taken strides to implement sustainability projects with the three P’s at the forefront: People, Planet and Profit. The CHENACT Project of 2009-2010, implemented by the Caribbean Tourism Organization, targeted small and medium-sized hotels in Barbados and other islands with a challenge to seek more affordable and energy-efficient resources. For example: 

Green Globe Company Standard is an international body performing assessments on the sustainability of tourism businesses. This certification has been attained by local hotels which have made greener steps towards the future in ways such as composting restaurant waste and using energy-efficient fluorescent light bulbs. Radisson Aquatica Resort, Turtle Beach Hotel and Colony Club Hotel are among those certified. 

Travel Life is another international accommodation sustainability programme, where over 1500 hotels have pledged to take a sustainable tourism approach towards their financial and social impact. Worthing Cove Apartment Hotel, Southern Palms Beach Club and Time Out Hotel are Travel Life members. 

Added to what is being done by locals - charities, non-governmental organisations and small initiatives welcome visitors willing to donate their time with open arms. Where can you play your Part?

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Future Centre Trust

The trust was born from a Village of Hope display at the 1994 United Nations Global Conference for Small Island Developing States. The vision of sustainability would thereafter be executed feverishly by members of the Future Centre Trust leading the charge of conservation and preservation of natural resources. Volunteers can come on board to complete one of its programmes like Clean Up Barbados, Future Tres and Green Business Barbados.

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Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Barbados’ marine life is one of its most adored attractions, with the sea turtle population of particular interest. The Barbados Sea Turtle Project is dedicated to protecting sea turtles, especially given their status on the endangered and critically endangered species list. Turtle lovers assist the project between May to November for 2-4 months, in the peak of nesting season. Helping baby turtles journey to shore, protecting nesting sites and tracking turtles are fun activities to give back to the ecosystem.