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  • Water Sports
Sun, sea sand and water sports are waiting in Barbados!

Water Sports

Barbados is the best place for watersports in the Caribbean, offering fun and adventure against a stunning backdrop.
Surrounded by crystal clear waters and blessed with mile after mile of stunning beaches, Barbados is the ideal destination for anyone who loves enjoying the full range of watersports. The conditions you’ll find there simply couldn’t get better. The sea itself is crystal clear and hovers around the 70-80° F mark across the year, making diving in and having fun pretty much impossible to avoid.

The conditions off the south and west coast in particular are ideal, combining high visibility in the water with a calmness that encourages even absolute beginners to get in and have a go. Activities range from the adrenaline-fueled thrills of jet skiing and parasailing to simply relaxing on the deck of a sail boat as it gently explores the coastline. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, head for the east coast, where scuba diving attractions include natural reefs, shipwrecks and the presence of curious sea turtles. The choice is as varied as the landscape and the beaches, and the hotels are only too happy to arrange watersports for you to enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve enjoyed watersports before or you’re diving in for the first time. Equipment of all type is easy to find and hire, and arranging watersports in advance is a simple but essential part of any Barbados holiday itinerary.

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