World Surfing League - Barbados Surf Pro

World Surfing League - Barbados Surf Pro

01 Mar 2017
The inaugural WSL Barbados Surf Pro Men and Women's QS3,000 will take place April 11 - 16 at Drill Hall Beach, located on the south coast of Barbados.

Surf in Barbados

When the world was created, Barbados was given an abundance of potential for becoming a surfer's paradise. The island's location far out in the Atlantic Ocean allows waves to travel thousands of kilometers on the bottom of the sea to finally unload all the power it developed during it's long journey over Barbados' coral reefs.

As Barbados is a coral island, a coral reef stretches all around Barbados' coastline, providing for unlimited surfing conditions all over. No matter whether a swell approaches the island from a northerly or westerly direction or whether it's moving in from the east or the south, Barbados is guaranteed to have surf somewhere along its shores at almost any given day of the year.

Drill Hall, aka Branden’s, is located on the South Coast, near to Bridgetown. This wave is a long left that is perfect for all levels of Surfers. The big open face of the wave makes it great for hitting the lip and getting long rides. Drill Hall breaks on a reef and reels for about 75 meters.

Back up location

Soup Bowl Is located on the east coast of Barbados in the town of Bathsheba. Soup Bowl is a Right Break better known for its Heavy right Barrels. But Soup Bowl also has great punchy lefts on the smaller days with perfect little barrels and air sections. Soup Bowl is on the Windy Side of the Island but faces slightly more south and the wind tends to be more side shore making the faces of the wave clean even if the outside looks choppy. The current runs North up the Beach and is right where the channel is to paddle out, The beach is beautiful at Soup Bowl and the rocks are very sharp and full of sea urchins so tread lightly. Before you paddle out ask the locals about the line up and stay safe.

THE WAVE @ Drill Hall Beach

Type: Reef-rocky

Direction: Left with Short Rights

Bottom: Reef (pockets of sand)

Normal length: 100 to 120 m



Good swell direction: Southeast

Good wind direction: East, North East

Swell size: Starts working at 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and holds up to 4m / 10 ft and over

Best tide position: All tides


THE WAVE @ Soup Bowl

Type: Reef-rocky

Direction: Right with Short lefts

Bottom: Reef

Normal length: Short 50m



Good swell direction: NorthEast

Good wind direction: SouthWest, South

Swell size: Starts working at 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft and holds up to 4m / 10 ft and over

Best tide position: All tides


Prize Money


All Smaller amounts will be paid in cash at the event.

Lager amounts will be dealt with by WSL North America

WSL North America will be handling the transfers.

Barbados Surf Pro