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Bash the buttons of some fun arcade games in Barbados and come away with fantastic vacation memories and a new Best Score.

Arcade Gaming

You can play classic arcade games or sample the latest models when you spend time having fun in the arcades of Barbados

The days when arcade games were simple devices on which you pushed one button or pulled a lever are long gone. The arcade video games you’ll find in the cafes, bars and restaurants of Barbados feature gripping story lines and eye-popping graphics and are perfect for tourists seeking extra adventure during their stay. From adult arcade games to kids arcade games, you can take on the challenge, enjoy the fun and share the company of Bajan locals and fellow tourists when you play in the Caribbean.

For the widest range and best choice of video games, pinball tables and coin-operated amusements, head to Bridgetown, the gambling capital of Barbados. Games tables and video poker slots offer thrilling games of chance. From Holetown to the St Lawrence Gap area of Christ Church you’ll find a selection of state of the art slot machines, with the greatest number concentrated around the intersection of Marhill and Broad Street, which is known as St Michael's Row. Further inland, you’ll find arcades at Warrens (Eden Lodge) and the delightfully named Bagatelle. If you get the urge to play some slots in the early hours of the morning then have no fear – the D’Fast Lime Arcade is open 24 hours so you can gamble and share good times whenever you like. Win, lose or break even, you’re bound to have a fantastic experience.


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