Barclays Park

Ermy Bourne Hwy, Benab, Barbados
St. Andrew

The park sits on a massive hillside overlooking the Atlantic Sea and sets a tranquil, picturesque scene for visitors to enjoy. The area is also home to the famous surfing site Bathsheba and the ever-popular Sand Dunes bar and restaurant both located just a short distance away. The northeast trade winds make their way across the ocean, generating large waves that crash against the shore at high tide and send sweet sea sprays through the leaves of tall casuarina trees. The oceans song invites you to relax and get lost observing the waves as they rhythmically move along the coastline.

Barclays Park is one of the most family-friendly spaces in the east. The open space is ideal for outdoor games to relive childhood memories or to create new ones with your little ones. It is an excellent place to meditate and connect with nature. Despite the inability to swim here due to strong ocean currents, picnic tables are perched perfectly for an optimal visually immersive experience. Conversely, if relaxation is not quite what you had in mind, outdoor enthusiasts may appreciate a short hike up the hillside to access a spectacular bird’s eye view of the Atlantic and the neighbouring hills of the East Coast. 

Down by the ocean, visitors can take a leisurely stroll across the wide, white sandy beach. Collecting shells or searching for other unusual objects among the pools or stranded seaweed can be fun bonding activities for families or friends. The beachside is also lined with fruit trees (mainly seagrape and fat pork trees) that bloom at specific times of the year. These trees are native to tropical climates and the fruit borne from both trees, while unusually flavoured are also equally enjoyable. Consider purchasing them from roadside vendors or travel to the seashore for the real island experience and pick them directly from the trees. The adventures at Barclays park are free of cost and when your adventures are over the beach facilities located at Barclays park provides a hassle-free place to freshen up.

Barclays park is a very significant part of the island’s history often overlooked even by locals; it was donated as a gift to Barbados upon our independence by the financial institution Barclays Bank international Limited in 1966; which it was named after. The park was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was also the annual venue for one of the islands biggest most anticipated Crop over events; the Party monarch competition for several years. 

When visiting Barbados, Barclays park should be on your top list of places to visit in St. Andrew. Hop on a bus, rent a car or hail a taxi and make your way to beautiful Barclays park.