Birthplace of Rum: A Weekend to Play

Call us ‘The Rum Island’ or the ‘Birthplace of Rum’. Both nicknames correctly suggest that here in Barbados, we are 'the true rum aficionados'. After all, it’s on this beautiful island that rum originated. This helps to explain the reasoning behind the popular Barbadian saying, “There’s a Barbados rum shop on every corner.” 

It’s no wonder we are world-renowned for the quality of rum on the island; we’ve had over three hundred and fifty years of experience in its production. There is even a Barbados Food and Rum Festival, to celebrate the love of rum and its impact on Barbadian heritage and culture, which highlights not only the country’s best chefs but also toasts the work of our award-winning mixologists and their unique rum-filled creations. 

Barbados’ relationship with rum dates back to 1703 with the birth of the oldest rum distillery in Barbados, and the world: now named the Mount Gay Rum Distillery.  Over the years, Mount Gay Rum has built a solid reputation as the finest rum in the entire Caribbean. So exquisite is this Barbadian bar classic, it has been the recipient of numerous awards including a gold  medal in the World Rum Awards 2020 and the 2016 Rum of the Year, hosted by Rum Journal.


Rum connoisseurs! This is the backdrop to your next brilliant weekend in Barbados, and it's only a few days away...

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd.
Mount Gay Distilleries is home to the world’s oldest rum. On location, our Visitor Experience invites guests from around the world to discover the secrets behind Barbados’ finest spirit.
Exmouth Gap, Brandons Spring Garden Highway Bridgetown, St. Michael
St. Michael