Cobblers Cove - Chef Andrew Pern Dinner Series

04 Apr
07 Apr
Cobblers Cove Road View, St Peter BB26025 Bridgetown, Barbados
4th April, 2018 - 7th April, 2018
St. Peter
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Andrew is the owner of The Star Inn at Harome and The Star Inn the City and received its Michelin star for its Modern 'Gastropub' food. With two acclaimed books, ‘Black Pudding and Foie Gras’ and ‘Loose Birds and Game’, to his credit, Andrew is also a regular contributor to a number of publications, as well as a popular ‘performer’ at local food festivals. In recent years he found the time to take part in BBC2’s ‘Great British Menu’, amongst other TV appearances, progressing to the Finals and just narrowly missing out on getting his Celebration of Yorkshire Rhubarb onto the Banquet Menu.

Dinner Series:

April 5th: Caribbean Tapas Menu $80 USD

April 6th: Barbados Brasserie Menu $100 USD

April 7th: Michelin Star Menu $150 USD

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