Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill

St. Andrew
Distance From Airport:
24.3 Km (15.1 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
19 Km (11.81 Miles)

Maintained by the Barbados National Trust, the mill includes an exhibit of the equipment used to produce sugar at the time when the industry was run by windpower generated from mills such as this one. This unique historic and architectural monument is the only working sugar windmill of its kind in the world today—or was, until 2007, when lightening struck.

Currently under repair, it is still a magnificent sight, and a testament to the workmanship and ingenuity of its engineers. The mill consists of a tower, four giant arms, gears that transfer the turning of the sails to the turning of the rollers, housing on top, and a tail that connects the housing to the ground. By moving the tail, the whole apparatus can be rotated to face the direction of the prevailing wind. Though the interpretive center is not now open, visitors can still climb partway up into the mill and see machine

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