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Soak up the culture of Barbados through festivals celebrating music, sport, food, drink and much more


Barbados has long been the cultural capital of the Caribbean and it’s where you’ll find some of the most interesting festivals in the world

The Caribbean island of Barbados has a rich and varied history and a cultural offer to match. All of this is reflected in festivals, carnivals and other events which celebrate sectors as diverse as food, drink, music, sport and partying. Some of the most popular festivals you can enjoy while you’re on Barbados include the Holetown Festival, Crop Over Festival, Barbados Wine & Rum Festival, Barbados Jazz Festival, Gospel Fest, Holders Season and Barbados Music Awards. Every festival offers a different experience, but something they all share is a life-affirming love of music, dance and rum. Look out for the costumes and dancing which help to tell the tale of culture in the Caribbean, and take the chance to sample traditional local fare during events celebrating the delicious cuisine of Barbados. As well as celebrating food, drink and music, these festivals are a proud display of the unity, pride and dignity of the Bajan people.

The annual national festivals are produced by the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados and these include the premier Cultural event in Barbados, the Crop Over Festival. Another festival which can’t be missed is the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts, which takes place every year and is a proud celebration of the independence of the island. Go along to any festival and you’ll enjoy a dazzling mix of intriguing local talent and international artistes with global reputations. Barbados is rightly proud of the rich diversity of the festivals we offer, and we want to get people from all over the world involved. If you’re visiting the Caribbean, then start planning your itinerary today and make sure our festivals are an unforgettable part of your Barbados vacation.


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