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  • Rum Distilleries
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Hear the story of Barbados through the history of its sugar and rum production and the presence of ancient distilleries

Rum Distilleries

Barbados rum is famed as being the smoothest, finest and most delicious in the Caribbean and the wider world. They’ve been doing it for 350 years and in that time they’ve created absolute perfection.
Take a trip around the legendary rum distilleries of Barbados and learn the secrets behind the world’s finest rums. Some of these wonderful places are as old as 350 years and you can taste the world’s oldest rum at the Mount Gay Rum Distillery. Learn the lessons of rum production at the same time as you get the chance to sample this uniquely delicious drink.

Barbados rum distilleries are about much more than just one of the most delicious drinks in the world. The saying states that ‘there is a time and a place for Mount Gay Distillery – birthplace of the word ‘Rum’, and the distilleries themselves offer a chance to experience Caribbean life and culture as well as making contact with the local people. The West Indies Rum Distillery boasts an idyllic location on the beach and uses the traditional old pot still method to produce the likes of Cockspur and Malibu. At the other end of the spectrum is the Foursquare Rum factory which uses computerized systems to produce a range of spiced rums. At the St. Nicholas Abbey you’ll be able to enjoy cane syrup rum which isn’t produced anywhere else on the island. At the end of every distillery tour you’ll get the chance to sample and savour a range of delicious rums, and you’ll soon learn that the word ‘Rum’ covers a whole range of delicious flavours.

When you visit Barbados you’ll soon realise that the taste and magic of rum is everywhere on the island. Take a trip around the age old distilleries and see how this magical drink offers a glimpse of Caribbean history and culture.

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