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Enjoy a first-hand experience of the landmarks created by the Barbados rum industry

Rum Landmarks

Discover the role which rum has played in the history of the Caribbean by enjoying the landmarks it has left in its wake
Enjoy a true taste of the Caribbean when you explore the rum landmarks of Barbados – the buildings and places behind the finest rum in the world. The story of rum in Barbados dates back to the 1640’s, which was when the very first commercial sugar cane crop was planted. Discovering rum landmarks on Barbados includes the Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre, which is home to the world’s oldest rum, as well as the sugar plantation at St Nicholas Abbey, which has been producing this vital crop for centuries now. Short films at Mount Gay convey the history of the Caribbean, while folk art fairs in the heritage park display the finest Bajan handicrafts.

The Bajans have a saying which states that ‘Time flies when you’re having rum’ and this perfectly captures the attitude locals have toward a drink which has been the lifeblood of the island. Pay a visit to the Saint Nicholas Abbey in St Peter and you’ll see one of only three genuine Jacobean style mansions on the island, as well as the rare chance to explore a recreation of an 18th Century sugar plantation. Black and white images and preserved artifacts on show at the Mount Gay Rum Visitor Centre bring the 300-year-old history of the island and its most famous produce to life. The rum factory features the original machinery housed on the site of a former molasses and sugar plantation at the Rum Factory and Heritage Park.

Explore the famous Caribbean landmarks allied to the rum industry and create memories which will last forever. History, lifestyle and, of course, a delicious drink, all come together to create the highlight of any vacation.

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