St. Nicholas Abbey  - A Historic Sugarcane Plantation

St. Nicholas Abbey  - A Historic Sugarcane Plantation

If only walls could talk; the walls of the great house of St Nicholas Abbey would have a lot to say. In fact, not just the walls, but every square inch of the plantation would probably also have an interesting tale to tell.  This well-known property is the centre of a series of dramatic historical events - unfolding like a soap opera in the annals of time. The riveting story began with the original owner of the estate, Colonel Berringer and his neighbour Mr Yeamans, it evolved into a story of forbidden love ( A love triangle of sorts) between, his wife and Mr Yeamans, which then developed into a tale of betrayal and tragedy - leading to a deadly duel that took the life of Colonel Berringer allowing Mr Yeamans to claim two prizes - the Colonel's wife and the Abbey...Notably,  this entertaining anecdote is just a small part of St Nicholas Abbey’s appeal and only one of many stories the property has to tell. 

The Abbey itself occupies a lovely colonial sugar plantation; As you enter, red gates open onto a tropical driveway leading to the Mansions front doors, there only a sprinkle of imagination is needed to be instantly transported back in time to the seventeenth century. The authentic Jacobean-style mansion stands out from the architectural style of present-day buildings. Its beauty conserved immaculately throughout the years ensures an enchanting feeling unlike any other. The unique features of the mansion are the epitome of classic architecture; Elegant dutch gables in the front, intricately crafted Chinese Chippendale staircase, a towering chimney stack and assortments of exquisite antiques that decorate its exterior and interior of this colonial home. Truly, the Abbey is a trove of wondrous treasures with significant historical value.

The St Nicholas Abbey experience is not limited to the great house itself; but also consists of a wide range of activities including a fully functional onsite steam mill and rum distillery (currently producing the decadent St Nicholas Abbey Rums, the gift shop, a gully ( ideal for wandering and admiring the majestic mahogany and silk-cotton trees) and the most recently added St Nicholas Abbey heritage railway. 

The latest addition, the St Nicholas Abbey heritage railway was completed and made available to the public in 2019. The train ride takes a scenic expedition past the abbey grounds, around the lake, over the plantations fields and through the gully. The tour ends at the equally popular tourist attraction, Cherry Tree Hill, which has an awe-inspiring view of the east coast. The open-air train ride will take you through two parishes, St. Peter and St Andrew. The Abbey itself, as well as the majority of the railroad tracks including the gully and the lake, are in St Peter; while the end of the railroad along with Cherry Tree Hill is in St Andrew. 

This magical place serves as a portal to another period, rich with history and tradition.  Fall in love or get lost in the charm and tranquillity of the entire experience. 

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