Global F4 Race Champion

Breaking long-standing records while securing a slew of motorsport champion titles at just 18 years old have made Barbadian driver, Zane Maloney, a household name. In fact, the teen sensation has also made his mark on the international scene while racing against famed drivers such as 2009 Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button.

Motorsports is in Zane’s blood as he comes from a line of Barbadian racing professionals and now stands tall as a third-generation champion driver. His grandfather is Doug Maloney, who made his mark on the Barbadian and regional racing circuits for several decades.  Zane’s father Sean, and uncles Mark and Stuart, are also known for their skill on the tracks.

With these familial mentors to encourage him, Zane was just a toddler when his interest in the sport was first piqued. Recognising the young child’s love for speed, his family quickly got him into karting. Zane shared, “I loved the noise and what I was watching so I asked my dad at three years old if I could try out a go-kart.” From here, the tiny racer grew in the sport and began claiming titles. By age 10, the young Maloney was the five-time Barbados Karting Association champion.


Zane has high hopes for his future which he believes are all reachable due to the support of the amazing team who continually cheer him on. “My drive is to get to formula one because all my family has put in so much effort, all my sponsors; and the reward, I feel I am fit to get to formula one and do well. So, for me to give them back a reward is not in money. It is not winning British formula four, it is not anything else but getting to the pinnacle of motorsport because they help me to get to that dream really.”

British F4 Impact

With his silver trophy proudly raised and draped in the flag of Barbados, at age 15, Zane became the British Formula 4 Champion. Beaming with pride, atop the podium, Zane proudly described his time on the track as “amazing”. Speaking to the press he said, “What an amazing final race. 10 wins, I can’t believe it, really. There are around 40 people here [at the track] supporting me, and maybe another 200,000 back home!”

It was also during this meet that Zane was awarded the TR Memorial Award by British F4 Championship organisers. This award is of significance as it honours the memory of fallen driver, Joe Tandy. The award serves to recognise the most outstanding rookie driver who has shown strength of character and commitment to the sport. 

Zane’s Inspiration

Zane has openly shared that he is inspired by three-time Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton.  The opportunity to meet and drive against Hamilton arose in 2016 at the Barbados Festival of Speed which was held at the renowned Bushy Park Circuit. In sharing about meeting his role model, Zane said, “Hamilton came down for an event and I ended up being on track with him and watching him drive. That is where I said I want to be in the next few years”. 

Zane stated, “In my opinion, he [Lewis] is the best to ever do the sport and I have looked up to him my whole life. He has shown me what I personally need to do to get where he is. So, I guess we have things in common as racing drivers; no fear, discipline, and some things I can see in him that I want to be better than.”  

Former World Champion Jenson Button is also one of Zane’s icons. Zane described Button as “a great guy”.  Button visited Barbados in 2014 to attend the Race of Champions. Here, Zane was able to meet Button and also race against him. “He’s probably the nicest guy I’ve met in motorsport up to date,” Zane noted. “Talking to him and learning from him changed my attitude a bit. It was definitely a very big positive him coming to Barbados, and I got to be on track with him as well so that was another big point in my career.”

Zane’s Awards & Career Highlights

  • 2019 British Formula 4 Champion
  • 2019 Barbados National Sports Council's (NSC) Sports Personality of the Year.
  • 2019 F4 British Rookie Cup
  • 2018 3rd place in German Kart Championship 
  • 2018 World Karting Association’s (WKA) Manufacturers’ Cup Champion 
  • 2017- Ranked fifth-fastest karter in the world
  • 2012 Barbados Karting Association Champion (age 8)

Zane’s Impact

While acknowledging his love for the sport, young Zane also recognises the opportunities to involve young people like himself in the karting and motorsports communities in his home island. “When I return home, I try to go to Bushy Park to talk with the kids or race with them and show them, so they can see where they want to be in a few years because that is what I did.” Through his social media accounts, fans and supporters of all ages are able to be encouraged by Zane’s words of wisdom as they take a virtual journey through his full race-preparations as well as a few glimpses of his family life and many candid moments. 

On both local and international platforms, Zane’s eloquence and sportsmanship has been widely admired. Speaking of Zane’s passion and commitment to his dreams, his father once stated, “other kids can certainly take note of his work ethic as that is a necessity for anyone to achieve in any sport.”

As Zane continues to grow in his career, the pride he brings to his small island nation is truly heart-warming. Barbados Motoring Federation vice-president, Mark Hamilton, added: “It is unlikely that any of us will truly understand the effort and sacrifice that has gone into getting to this point in Zane’s career, but we do know it proves what is possible, with the right combination of talent, commitment and support. Zane is another example of a sports personality punching above [his] weight on the world stage, something all Barbadians can be proud of.”

Fast Facts

  1. Zane’s favourite Formula 1 team is Mercedes. 
  2. Pasta with meat sauce is the young racer’s all-time favourite meal. 
  3. In the early days of Zane’s career, a major challenge was schooling since he travelled often to compete. His teachers supported him by sending work for him while he was away, much of which had to be completed at airports around the world. 
  4. Zane is a fitness enthusiast, evidenced by his many workout posts on social media. 
  5. Zane moved to Europe in search of more karting competition after consistently winning in Barbados and the United States.