Destination Barbados - For Weddings & Events

Destination Barbados - For Weddings & Events

So you know by now that this little island is a place just beyond your imagination. Here warm waters caress your skin, and the sun spends its days dancing majestically upon the clear blue sea. The place is Barbados and more than an island… it’s a Bride’s dream come true.

From start to finish, here, every detail matters - from the simplest decor to intricate floral arrangements or grand masterpieces all easily and elegantly executed by some of the world's top professionals. We offer the comfort and ease of a stress-free wedding in the Caribbean.

The island has no shortage of internationally acclaimed, award-winning destination wedding planners, florists, chefs & mixologists. Our artisans have done hair and make up for the stars as well as designed and created gowns from artists like Jaye Applewaite that are now sought out by brides from around the world. 

Barbados simply represents the best that Caribbean destination weddings have to offer - Not only is the island easily accessible and beautiful, but our people have often been said to be the friendliest in the world. What else could you need?

We offer a wide range of reasonably priced to Luxurious accommodations, to act as a home away from home or the perfect place to take your vows. Locations like the Crane Beach Hotel, Accra Hotel and Spa, Hilton Hotel, or other Intimate Properties littered across the island have long offered fantastic packages to all types of brides.

In fact, in addition to Elegant accommodations, we boast a bevvy of destination wedding locations that are the envy of the entire Caribbean. Traditional brides can wed on the grounds of  Codrington College, the oldest theological college in this hemisphere or at the Nidhe Israel Synagogue, again one of the oldest synagogues in the western hemisphere.  

If adventure is what you seek? Go deep underground in the caverns of  Harrison's Cave!.  

Or dive deep into the depths of the ocean, among the reefs and wrecks of the Carlisle Bay Marine Park, or choose a unique ride aboard the famous Atlantis Submarine. Move from the sea to the shores to enjoy your reception on quiet, pristine, white sandy beaches against the backdrop of stunning cliffs or next to the raging waters of the east coast... the choices are endless and beach wedding venues have always been a favourite among brides. 

It should be evident that for a history buff the island has a wide array of choices,  including those previously mentioned, brides can wed at the former summer home of George Washington the 1st president of the United States; at Morgan Lewis Windmill, an iconic structure flanked by rolling hills, dales and stunning views or select from a host of other historic plantations that date back to the 16 & 1700’s. 

Our island is the ideal backdrop for any event. Rich island culture, fantastic cuisine, colourful people, magnificent views and fantastic festivals also await! Your event is simply the icing on the cake...Barbados is the picture-perfect locale, for the wedding, the honeymoon and the extended vacation of every guest. You deserve a wedding that's just beyond your imagination.   

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