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Discover the golden nectar of the Caribbean when you take a Barbados rum distillery tour

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Take one of the famous rum distillery tours and explore the ancient secrets of one of the greatest distilled spirits in the world
When you begin a Barbados rum tour you start a journey which takes you 350 years back in time. No trip to the island could be complete without tasting this magical spirit, and the start of any exploration simply has to be the oldest distillery on the island – the Mount Gay Rum Factory. There is no other spirit produced using sugarcane juice and, for many people, there is nothing finer than a sip of delicious Barbados rum.

Having seen behind the scenes of the distillery, the next stop is to take a tour of the famous Barbados rum shops. These are places which offer a glimpse of Caribbean history and culture as well as the chance to sample the incredibly wide range of rum available. The next stage in your rum education is to take a look behind the scenes of the different distilleries, each one of which uses its own combination of traditional and innovative methods to produce the most delicious product possible. Of the four famous distilleries on the island, the most prestigious is the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, which was established in 1703 and has a brand of rum named in its honour. Other famous distilleries are St. Nicholas Abbey, Foursquare Rum Factory and West Indies Rum Distillery, and each one has its own distinct secrets to share.

For many years, rum has been regarded as the lifeblood of Barbados, and without it the way of life on the island would seem impossible. Take a trip through that way of life and discover the wide variety of ‘liquid gold’ on offer. Combine your rum with the sun, sea and sand and we promise you couldn’t find anything more relaxing.

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