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Come and tempt your taste buds with the best street food in the world

Street Food

Local food doesn’t get more real and delicious than the exotic and authentic treats served up on the streets of Barbados

You may have read about street food around the world, but we can promise you won’t have experienced anything as delicious as the Bajan treats served on the streets and corners of Barbados. Fresh tropical ingredients, delicious spicing and a unique approach to preparation come together in the Caribbean food recipes that fill your mouth with the kind of flavours you’ll remember forever. Read down the menu on any street food stall and you’ll realize you’re simply spoilt for choice. Whether you dine beside a temporary stall, a van, a hawker with a tray, a coal pot or a barbecue, you’ll savour rich flavors and fresh taste sensations. Amongst the specialties you’ll find to tempt you are treats like fish cutters, rice and peas and the legendary mac-pie. Add this to fried chicken, fish cakes and homemade French fries and you have the perfect lunch menu.

It’s not just about eating delicious food, either, because Barbados street food represents a major aspect of the culture, history, heart and soul of the island. Examples of this include the national dish – flying fish with coucou – as well as irresistible treats like fish cakes, breadfruit chips, BBQ pig tails and the famous Bread and Two. Take a trip to Ostin’s fish market and enjoy snacking on grilled and fried fish which comes fresh from the sea. You may have come to Barbados attracted by the stunning tropical beaches and delicious rum in the rum shops, but we’re certain that the street food you experience will have you coming back for more time and time again.


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