Barbados Street Food & Popular Bites

Barbados Street Food & Popular Bites

The word on the street is that the best local culinary experiences have taken to the streets in Barbados! And if you consider yourself a foodie then, by all means, this 166 square mile oasis is where you need to be.  Barbados is arguably hailed as the culinary capital of the Caribbean; you can find a taste for every desire. Discover a blend of world influences, cultures and expressions presented to you in gastronomic form.  As it relates to the Barbados street food scene, well, we cannot claim to be pioneers in this area, but we are definitely no strangers to the concept.  Here, you will find out that beyond the three and four-course presentations and the 'which fork should I eat with first' experiences, there are gems where Caribbean food and Bajan culture mix to create an unforgettable Barbadian food. So, if your stomachs are ready and you have prepped your Instagram followers for the influx of mouthwatering food shots, then these are the places you should visit to get some of the best Caribbean cuisine.

Worthing Square Food Garden

What is better than your favourite Barbados street food joints?  Having all of them in one place! And that is exactly what Worthing Square Food Garden has done.  As the name states, it is located in the Worthing area in Christ Church, and it is a square, 20 thousand square feet worth of it. Creating that square is eighteen food trucks, street food brands and one large bar. All of that creates a foodies' heaven on earth.  A variety of tasty options are available, whether you are looking for a vegan dish, pork, fish, chicken, pasta, you name it - it’s there.  Sit and enjoy the atmosphere and sample from as many food trucks as you like. Sipping on one of the rum cocktails is not a bad idea either.

Baxters Road

You can find Baxter's Road in the parish of St. Michael and it is also included in the Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison World Heritage site.  If you visit, you will see why.  The area is made up of a collection of traditional Bajan rum shops and Barbados street food vendors serving up local delicacies of fish and chips and a variety of pork and chicken dishes.  Ask the locals what is their favorite, and you may even discover something new, like a liver cutter from Pink Star - come and find out for yourself what it is. Baxter's road usually gets going after 7 pm from Thursday through the weekend.  It is also a favourite spot for locals who are feeling peckish after a night of partying!


Oistins in Christ Church is known as the place where you can acquire fresh fish.  The famous fish market in the heart of the town supplies many locals, restaurants and hotels in the area and many make the journey to the south due to the variety of seafood on offer.  However, on Fridays and Saturdays, as the sun starts to sink below the horizon, the town in Oistins transforms into, arguably, the biggest fish fry on the island.  Right next to the fish market is an area called Oistins Bay Gardens, a collection of food stalls and bars which specialise in seafood presentations. This area is where food music and good vibes meet.  Locals and visitors fill the spaces, choosing their favourite stall to get their fill. Have your fresh fish grilled, fried, baked or steamed with an assortment of sides.  Tuna, Marlin, Red snapper, lobster, shrimp & Mahi-Mahi - if it is from the sea, you will find it there.  Be sure to have your cameras ready as the grillers love to put on a show for you, sending the flames from the grill into the air, making a perfect photo for the 'gram'.

Cuz Fish Shack

Here on the island, we call it a cutter, you may call it a sandwich but after you try what Cuz is serving from his food stall you would be calling it  'I want another one'.  In the parking lot of one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world, Pebbles Beach, you will find Cuz Food Shack.  It can be easily identified by the long line of people waiting to get their hands on one of his Cutters.  

What is a cutter, and why is it so special?  Well, a cutter in the traditional Bajan sense is salt bread, (imagine a dinner roll but bigger and with more flavour), which has something in the middle.  Usually cheese or smoked ham. 

Cuz places a delicious, perfectly seasoned piece of freshly fried marlin or flying fish between the salt bread with your choice of garnishes.  Sounds simple, but that is the magic, that simple cutter has you chewing, dancing and longing for more.

We suggest you sample some of the local street food before you leave the island!  Ask for any of the following culinary delights:

  • Ham Cutter: A salt bread filled with smoked ham
  • Fish Cakes: Fried codfish balls with flour, pepper and other seasonings.
  • Barbeque Pig Tails: Pigtails barbequed to perfection in a sweet and savoury sauce
  • Breadfruit Bowl: A breadfruit roasted in open flames, cut in half and served in the skin with added toppings.
  • Macaroni Pie: A cheesy macaroni casserole, prepared the Bajan way with lots of flavours.
  • Pudding and Souse: A spicy dish made of a wide range of pork cuts, served with seasoned sweet potato. The meat is boiled and pickled with lime juice, cucumber, onion, parsley, salt and pepper.
  • Sugar Cakes: A sweet treat made from sugar, coconut and spices.
  • Nut Cakes: Made from sugar, peanuts and spices 
  • Conkies: If you are here for the month of our Independence in November, then try this seasonal delicacy. It is traditionally made from coconut, pumpkin, cornflour, sugar and spices wrapped in a banana leaf, and boiled. (Raisins and cherries are optional).

These are just a few of the more popular options for you to get a taste of the street food Barbados has to offer.  But you better believe they are hidden treasures all over the island, and if you ask, the friendly Bajan people will be happy to share the secrets with you. So, if you call yourself a foodie, a food aficionado or just a lover of things that taste great then we’ll see you in Barbados!

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