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Barbados National Trust Gun Hill By Moonlight

Barbados National Trust Gun Hill By Moonlight
Kategorie Kulturell
Adresse Gun Hill Signal Station
Termine 16th März, 2019
Zeitliche Koordinierung FROM 17:30
Ort St. George
Folge uns auf
Join us at Gun Hill by Moonlight in Barbados for a cool relaxing evening reception of refreshments as the sun sets and the brilliant moonlight fills the sky.

These enjoyable evening cocktail parties take place closest to the full moon during the months of January to March each year. Gates open at 5:30pm. Cocktails, refreshments and music are provided. Enjoy spectacular panoramic views and admire the beautiful full moon.

This Barbados National Trust event is a great place for tourist and locals to socialise and make new acquaintances. 

Directions: 5 minutes drive from the St George Parish Church, headed uphill
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