The Fish Pot

The Fish Pot
Shermans, St. Lucy
Opening Hours:
Open All Year From 8-0 To 22-0 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
St. Lucy
Distance From Airport:
27.5 Km (17.09 Miles)
Distance From Bridgetown:
18.8 Km (11.68 Miles)
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Dining at the Fish Pot restaurant at Little Good Harbour is a reason in itself to visit Barbados. This unusual restaurant is part of a converted fort that sits directly on the beach and the open-terrace dining area looks out to the ocean beyond.The chef takes a purist's approach to cooking, and shuns stuffing, rolling, or otherwise playing with the food. He uses the freshest of ingredients (flying them in if necessary) and pumps up the flavour with local seasonings. The result includes a pan-fried mahi-mahi so delicately flavoured that it's sublime, and a lamb shank worthy of Henry VIII, with a dark, bold, and fragrant bite.

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