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Explore Barbados’ Cerulean Waters with Exciting Water Activities

Considering its location, it is no surprise that water activities rule the list of the top 10 things to do in Barbados. A tropical paradise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, which boasts plenty golden sun­kissed beaches. And with Barbados’ supreme weather conditions, it is almost always the perfect time to dive into these thrilling activities.
Itinerary Details

Day 1

Accra Beach
Located in Rockley, Accra Beach is amongst the more popular beaches for sea and sun bathers who prefer to be near all of the amenities and public transportation.
Christ Church
Christ Church

Day 2

Archers Bay Beach
A small, quiet beach in St. Lucy with enough space for a few people at a time. 
Archer's Bay , St. Lucy
St. Lucy

Day 3

Bath Beach
Bath Beach, a quiet and serene spot, is home to fresh water springs that cascade down into the Atlantic Ocean.
Bath, St. John
St. John

Day 4

Bathsheba Beach
The top surfer's beach in Barbados, located in the rugged eastern parish of St. Joseph. This picturesque village is home to fishing folk, guesthouses and local rum shops and restaurants.
Bathsheba, St. Joseph
St. Joseph

Day 5

Brownes Beach
The closest to Bridgetown, at only a five minute walk from the city centre, this beach is majestic with close to a half-mile of sand. Liveliest on Sundays, Brownes Beach is home to most beach sporting activities, the Barbados Yacht Club and Barbados ...
Bay Street, St. Michael
St. Michael