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In a country graced by more than 70 miles of flawless coastline, it’s understandable that water sports dominate the Barbadian shores. With near perfect conditions, including visibility of up to 80 feet and annual water temperatures between 70-80ºF/21-27ºC, the gleaming waters that embrace Barbados are an inevitable playground of fun and excitement.

Discover our underwater delights of marine life, coral reefs and sunken ships with a scuba, snorkeling or diving excursion. Take to the seas aboard a sailboat or deep-sea fishing charter. Even ride the “white horses” as you surf the powerful Atlantic breakers that collide with our eastern shores.

Whatever your aquatic pursuits, our water sport shops are filled with knowledgeable locals who are well versed in the nuances of the island’s aqueous domains.

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Explore the beautiful underwater world of the Barbadian coastline aboard a 65-foot long, 80-ton submarine. Departing from the Shallow Harbour in Bridgetown, passengers are treated to a 45-minute, fully narrated adventure as they dive 150 feet below the surface to see, up close, the abundance of exotic sea life that the Caribbean has to offer.

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