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A Bajan spin on mobile food

Barbados Food Trucks

Barbados food trucks have been around for many years and have traditionally taken the form of small passenger vehicles with locals plying their own home-cooked meals. Locals often refer to them “food-vans” and can be found today on every corner of the island. 
With the popular trend of larger fully equipped vehicles being more visible on local streets, this dinning option is becoming more are more comparable to locally established eateries and in some cases extension of them. You may have read about Food Truck street food around the world, but we can promise you won’t have experienced anything as delicious as the Bajan treats served on the streets and corners of Barbados.

Fresh tropical ingredients, delicious spicing and a unique approach to preparation come together in the Caribbean food recipes that fill your mouth with the kind of flavours you’ll remember forever. Whether you dine beside a temporary stall, a van, a hawker with a tray, a coal pot or a barbecue, you’ll savour rich flavors and fresh taste sensations. Amongst the specialties you’ll find to tempt you are treats like fish cutters, rice and peas and the legendary mac-pie. Add this to fried chicken, fish cakes and homemade French fries and you have the perfect lunch menu.

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