Time To Unwind - Natural Therapies

Time To Unwind - Natural Therapies

Is it truly a relaxing getaway until you’ve had a hot stone treatment, felt gentle hands rubbing away tension knots or unrolled your yoga mat? Natural therapy, in its various forms, remains a go-to option for persons looking to relieve stress or seek healing treatments. Alongside the calming fix of fresh air and warm saltwater, natural therapies have grown as it relates to spas in Barbados and other facilities dedicated to healing.

Yoga In Barbados

The connection between the mind and body is sustained through the transformational power of yoga. Yoga is famous around the world for its physical, spiritual and mental properties, aimed at promoting wellness. Yoga in Barbados maintains the sacred movements, with a tropical twist. Stretching in the luscious green fields and hills or beside the crashing waves is a perfect way to relax after escaping life in a busy city or state. 

  • Yoga Samudra offers Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Bliss style yoga located at the Castaways Bar and Grill and the St. Lawrence Beach Condos in St. Lawrence Gap. 
  • Paddleboard Yoga on the dazzling waters of Pebbles Beach is offered by Santosha Yoga as well as Yoga on the deck on the beautiful lawns of Sweetfield Manor. 
  • Mindful Movement Barbados incorporates mindfulness into yoga, with Agni flow and Hatha Vinyasa as the styles practised in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

These along with many other yoga retreats all offer a range of options for your yoga classes in Barbados. 

Massages and Body Treatments 

When stress and tension build up in the body, you often hear one say: “I need a massage!” Though often seen as pampering, the different techniques of massage therapy have been proven to alleviate pain in the body. Spend 30 minutes to 90 minutes laying on a cool white towel as professional masseuses transport your body from a place of stress to one of bliss.  Whether in a spa with a natural ambience or on the sand, spas in Barbados offer:

  1. Swedish Massage: This stimulates the soft tissues in the body to minimize stress and aid circulation.
  2. Deep Tissue Massage: A service offered by many Spas in Barbados - As the masseuse works deeper into the muscles, pain and inflammation are reduced, thus improving circulation.
  3. Hot Stone Massage: The warmth of smooth stones creates heat within the body that intensifies the calming nature of the massage.
  4. Four-Hand Massage: If two hands can take your body to a state of relaxation, imagine the wonders of four working in unison treat your body!
  5. Lymphatic Massage: This massage especially caters to those recovering from surgery, oedema, lymphedema or other forms of swelling within the body. 
  6. Cellulite Massage: Firmer and softer skin can be achieved through a series of massages focused on removing cellulite from the body.
  7. Reflexology: This massage technique uses a specific finger or hand to stroke the nerves within the foot, allowing energy to flow throughout the body. It is more intense than a foot massage and can sometimes cause pain as reflex points in the body are targeted. 
  8. Aromatherapy Massage: Aromatherapy awakens the senses of the body to receive treatments dedicated to enhancing physical and emotional health. Essential oils from plant extracts like chamomile and tea tree are massaged into the skin or diffused into the air during treatments. Aromatherapeutic massages are often tailored based on your personal health background.
  9. Champissage Massage: This concentrated on massaging the head, face and neck using an Indian technique.

Body treatments combine the healing touch of massages with essential oils and scrubs to exfoliate the skin from toxins. Ingredients such as Barbadian sugar, citrus fruits, mud from Barbadian clay and coffee are rubbed deeply into the skin to replenish its natural glow. Body wraps aid in skin hydration, drawing out impurities and overall skin health. Imagine being wrapped in nourishing seaweed, herbs or honey and chocolate!

These natural therapies can be found at facilities including, Soothing Touch Day Spa, Golden Touch Spa Barbados, The Body Clinic, Chakra Spa Barbados and Spa Holistic Health and Wellness.


The hands-on healing of Reiki, originating in Japan, harnesses the natural energy of the universe to restore physical, spiritual and mental balance in the body. After consultations to identify the root of the ailment, the specialists proceed to channel the natural healing abilities of the body. No two reiki experiences are alike as the journey of natural energy is deeply personal. One of the first noticeable changes is improved sleep, and it is also known to help anxiety, the flu and release blocked energy.

The Natural Energy Centre bases all of its services on the importance of balance within the Chakra system through positive life force energy. Alongside Reiki, one can experience Quantum-Touch, Aura Cleaning and Magnified Healing. Idyllic Palms offers personal treatments, distance healing and a request for healing via the Reiki box allows the Reiki master to send healing to their loved ones. 


As the environment continues to suffer the polluting effects of industrialization, the body absorbs the impurities within the air and water. Thus, many health challenges have arisen that can be assisted by the detoxification of the skin. The Body Clinic provides a Feet Detox service where the feet are placed in a saltwater bath, and an ionizer machine draws out the toxins from the feet. Feet detoxes help pain and circulatory issues. 

Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy 

One may not often consider physical therapy as a natural treatment; however, the holistic work of physical therapists treat body movement without the use of medicine.  There are several spas in Barbados and other facilities dedicated to restoring the joints, bones and muscles to their optimal health.

Mindful Movement Barbados features the unique focus on pelvic health, which can explain pains after childbirth, prostate surgery or those associated with health conditions. The pelvic floor muscles of men, women and children are assessed along with the musculoskeletal system for effective treatment. Integrated Therapy Centre offers myofascial release, treating pain in the tissues supporting muscle movement. PhysioCare Inc caters to women over 40 to treat sports injuries, rehabilitation after operation and injuries from vehicular accidents.

Caribbean Spas have quickly become a haven for natural therapies and treatments, with Barbados offering homegrown products used to soothe and heal the body. From yoga on the ocean to a poolside massage, the island is undoubtedly a destination catering to natural wellness and revival.

Yoga Samudra 

St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados


Santosha Yoga

The Barbados Cruising Club, Aquatic Gap

Bridgetown, St. Michael

Phone: (246) 243-9556

Mindful Movement Barbados

Christ Church



Soothing Touch Day Spa, 

Main Office:#19 Walkers Terrace

St. George

(246) 436-9405

(246) 262-1191

(246) 233-3104

Golden Touch Spa Barbados

Meadway” Maxwell Hill Road, Christ Church

(246) 418-9090

The Body Clinic

Kenvin Physical Therapy Building Applegrove

Black Rock, St. Michael


Sandy Crest Medical Center Sunset Crest, St. James



Chakra Spa Barbados

Accra Beach Hotel & Spa

Christ Church, Barbados

(246) 435-8920

Spa Holistic Health and Wellness

Salters, St. George


Idyllic Palms

(246) 833-1745

#3 Erdiston Drive, Bishop Court Hill, St Michael

Natural Energy Centre

C/o Janice Chin-Worme, Bridgetown, Barbados



Integrated Therapy Centre

Sunset Crest, Holetown, St. James 

(246) 823-1003

PhysioCare Inc

Whitehall Main Road, Cave Hill,

St. Michael, Barbados

​246 424 7845

Whatsapp: 246 230 4819

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