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There is never an end to all that you can see and do in Barbados. Discover the diverse beauty of the island on a guided tour. Explore the depths of our pristine waters with a diving or snorkeling adventure. Immerse yourself in our rich cultural heritage at any one of our museums or historic sites. Whatever your desire, there’s a memory waiting to be created here that everyone will enjoy.

To take part in any of the unforgettable and exciting activities afforded by the island, use the tools to the left to help discover your preference.

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Premier Attractions (B'dos)

Bridgetown, St. Michael

We offer an array of activities that are the absolute best, “must see – must experience” tours on the island...more

Segway Barbados

Bridgetown, St. Michael

Join us for a Segway tour unlike any other. We will tour the ins and outs of Barbados for over 1 hour and 20 minutes...more

Garrison Drill Hall

Bridgetown, St. Michael

Built in 1790, the building was originally used as soldiers’ barracks. In..more

St. Andrew's Church

Bridgetown, St. Michael

An historic Anglican church on the Hwy#2; near Belleplaine...more


Worthing, Christ Church

Mojo is a popular hangout in Christ Church...more

Moon Town

Half Moon Fort, St. Lucy

Visit Moontown. A unique "town" within Barbados...more

Holders Plantation House

Holetown, St. James

A beautiful 17th century plantation house set amidst the flora and fauna of a hill above the western coast, Holders Plantation House is indeed a benchmark of colonial beauty and splendor...more

Holetown Monument

Holetown, St. James

This momunment is located in Holetown and is made of stone blocks. It commemorates the first settlement on May 14th, 1625...more

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Portland, St. Peter

Watch animals in their own natural environment!..more

The National Armory and St. Ann’s Fort

Bridgetown, St. Michael

During the Napoleonic Wars, the barrel-vaulted stronghold that now houses the National Armory was the naval magazine, used to store gunpowder. Open daily 10am to 12 noon, limited tour to small groups...more

Total Results: 198