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There is never an end to all that you can see and do in Barbados. Discover the diverse beauty of the island on a guided tour. Explore the depths of our pristine waters with a diving or snorkeling adventure. Immerse yourself in our rich cultural heritage at any one of our museums or historic sites. Whatever your desire, there’s a memory waiting to be created here that everyone will enjoy.

To take part in any of the unforgettable and exciting activities afforded by the island, use the tools to the left to help discover your preference.

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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Portland, St. Peter

Watch animals in their own natural environment!..more

Sanatan Dharma Mandir (Hindu Temple)

Bridgetown, St. Michael

Open daily 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Open Sunday 8 a.m. - 11 a.m...more

Paynes Bay

Sandy Lane, St. James

Some watersports are available at this beach which features good swimming and snorkelling areas...more

Shell Gallery

Speightstown, St. Peter

Collection of shells from various parts of the world...more

The Cove Bay

Cove Bay, St. Lucy

Located in the north west of the island Cove Bay is perhaps one of the lesser-seen bays of Barbados but is by far one of the most striking...more

River Bay

River Bay, St. Lucy

Wonderful picnic spot..more

Cockspur Beach Club

Black Rock, St. Michael

Cockspur Beach Club & WI Rum Distillery Rum Runners trail...more

St. Lawrence Gap

St. Lawrence, Christ Church

'The Gap' is your destination for hotels, apartments, restaurants and nightlife...more

Ordnance Hospital Lexham

Bridgetown, St. Michael

The Ordnance Hospital comprises 4 buildings-Letchworth, Rafeen, Geneva, and Lexham. They were begun about 1790 and all were completed by 1831. The 4 buildings each had separate but related functions...more

Bottom Bay Beach

Apple Hall, St. Philip

Bottom Bay Beach..more

Total Results: 197