13Nov - 17Nov
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Barbados Carolinas Connection Week

Category Cultural
Address Speightstown
Dates 13th November, 2017 - 17th November, 2017
Location St. Peter
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The dynamic story of Barbados is one which is as fascinating as it is mind-blowing including the fact that Barbados is known as the only colony to have founded another colony. When Barbados was still a colony of Britain, Barbadian set sail from Speightstown to the United States, and founded the colony of the Carolinas. Thus, historically Barbados played a major role in the settlement of the Americas, and was also described as the springboard for demographic movement in the colonization of the Americas. Approximately 7 to 10 million Americans can trace their roots to Barbados. The historical significance of Barbados is explored in part through genealogy tourism. As 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Barbados Carolinas Connection, an entire week of activities has been dedicated in November to genealogy and education about this connection.