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Mobile COVID-19 Testing - USA & Canada

Mobile COVID-19 Testing - USA & Canada

01 Jan 2021
Mobile COVID-19 Testing in USA & Canada - Please see the below suppliers providing COVID-19 PCR testing to persons travelling from North America. 

Get Tested At Home Before You Visit Barbados

Persons who are fully vaccinated must travel with a valid negative COVID-19 standard PCR test result from an accredited or certified facility. Accepted tests include tests which were taken at an accredited or recognized laboratory by a healthcare provider via a nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal sample (or both) within 3 days prior to arrival. LAMP tests, self-administered tests or home kits and rapid tests or tests using saliva samples will NOT be accepted. Please see recommended services below:


Stage Zero will be providing Nasopharyngeal / Oropharyngeal COVID-PCR testing to persons travelling from North America. Travellers from the USA and Canada will be able to access COVID-19 PCR testing from our new partner, Stage Zero Life Sciences. This diagnostic company provides a full suite of services that includes Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal COVID-PCR Tests, a telehealth network to prescribe tests and onsite mobile testing.
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Pre-Arrival, Departure and Quarantine Release COVID testing for U.S. Travelers going to and from Barbados
AZOVA has partnered with Destination Barbados to provide a seamless at home concierge testing service that meets the COVID entry testing requirements. We’ll send a concierge testing professional right to your door to administer your test at your home, office or hotel. You can also schedule your on island Quarantine Release Test and Departure Test through one of our concierge or lab partners. Rapid results in time for your trip!